Monday 11 May 2009

Where Have I Been?

It has been a long time since I wrote anything on my blog, guess it has almost been a month since the last posting. Lots of thing has changed over the past month,

Toon is now taking care of great granny since Kus left for Indonesia and did not come back after that. So far nothing has been arranged to have Toon back yet and since we will be moving to the new house, daddy might not want to engage any maid until then. For the time being, I guess daddy will be getting part time hourly maid to clean up the house instead.

Over the past few week, daddy has been busy getting bank loan offer since every bank are offering different packages from;
1) HSBC - BLR -1.85%
2) Maybank - BLR -2.20% (1st year fixed at 2.35%)
3) OCBC - BLR - 2.30%
4) Standared Chartered - 2.35% (verbally)

Currently, the SnP agreement has been sent to the vendor (seller) lawyer and waiting for them to revert back so daddy could proceed for EPF withdrawal, which will take a couple more week. Anyway daddy would have 3 months to settle all necessary documentation before the house would be finally release.

Over the past few weekends since I got back from Hat Yai with daddy and mommy, we have been shopping for electrical appliances such as washing machines, fridge, dryer, dish washer, tv and air-con. Daddy and mommy are quite comfortable with Electrolux washing machines and dryer (if we ever get one), while choosing a Panasonic Fridge, as for the dish washer, daddy would like to have one but mommy disagree so guess washing plate will also going to be mommy's job! Do you know if the brand Fagor any good since they have a decent dishwasher? Daddy is also so tempted in getting the Panasonic 50" Plasma which they are currently promoting as well, at RM5699 plus a Lumix FS4 and 2GB SD card.

As for me, I could recognise and pronounce more words correctly but still not able to count from one to ten though. Now I am able to have a simple conversation but still having difficulties in saying certain words. The funniest word now is "I Love You" which I say it like "Le Lerd U" from Barney "I Love You" song.

Daddy also bought me a Blimp G from Clarks since my Nike is getting too small and my other new pair of shoe are a little to big for my feet. The Blimp G is light weight but daddy is not very sure of the velcro since there are article suggesting that Velcro might not be good in terms of support as it might get loosen.

When I got back from Hat Yai, daddy also took me to visit Dr. Khoo and now I weight almost 12kg. Guess daddy will not want to carry me too long now anymore. Hope I won't wait for another month before I blog again :)

Some photos taken today
(daddy's computer has been running low on storage space so no picture for the time being until the C drive is "overhaul")

Click here for more photos in slideshow.

Today's Movie - Lost Season 5