Wednesday 30 April 2008

A Good Girl Today

Today I was a very good girl, finished both my lunch and dinner without any problem and also slept without any problem after finishing my milk in the afternoon.

I think mommy found the solution in feeding me, for lunch, after I woke up, mommy only gave me a small piece of baby rice cracker and I had no problem at all during lunch. I was practically opening my mouth widely waiting to be fed. Then in the evening before dinner, mommy gave me 3 pieces of biscuit unlike previously a few pieces. I had no problem finishing my dinner as well. It was just like lunch, wide open mouth waiting to be fed.

In the evening mommy and toon took me out for an evening walk. I met up with Grand Aunty Putih and she has got her new maid from Indonesia. Hopefully this new maid will not run away like the last maid did. We stayed only for a while as it started for drizzle. When we got home, mommy took me to Aunty Jin house since Ser Kai insisted to carry and play with me.

My maternal grandmother and great grandma called from Kanchanaburi today as well, while mommy was talking to them, I could not stop babbling.

Some photos taken today

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Tuesday 29 April 2008

Getting Crazy

I am getting incredibly crazy. Today I refuses to have my dinner. Mommy started feeding me around 1800hrs and I could not finish anything even until 2030hrs when daddy got home. Mommy initially fried some rice for me then I started crying and refuses to eat so mommy thought I did not like it, so mommy boiled some soup and rice with pork and vegetables which I also refused to eat as well, it was going on until 2030hrs when daddy got back from work. Daddy then told mommy to feed me with milk before I sleep but instead mommy fed me immediately which I finally finished it.

Mommy got so angry today that she tried to force my mouth open to feed me. I must have been really really naughty.

In the evening just before all the feeding started, mommy and Toon took me out for an evening walk around the garden.

Some photos taken today

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Monday 28 April 2008

Crazy Morning

Not sure what happen to me this morning when I started crying at 0200hrs until 0400hrs, don't think I was hungry since mommy tried feeding me milk and daddy think it might be pins and needles (paraesthesia), since I can be in the same position for hours. Luckily mommy was able to stay awake with me and left daddy sleeping.

Mommy also realise that I start to communicate with 2 words,
1) Nam (water in Thai - น้ำ) - I would start pointing at the cup and say "Nam Nam Nam...."
2) Sam (no.3 in Thai) - When mommy say Neung Song Sam, I would follow and say "Sam Sam Sam..."

At noon today, Toon was trying to put me to sleep but mommy told Toon to feed me first before I can sleep, which did, had my milk and slepy from 1400hrs to 1730hrs. While I was sleeping, mommy when over to Auntie Jin house for the weekly "Som Tum" and "Larb"

No photo were taken today

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Sunday 27 April 2008

Sunday Swim

It was a lazy day, daddy woke up around noon refusing to hear my calls to wake daddy up. In the afternoon, mommy took me over to Auntie Jin house and prepare for Ser Kai's birthday this Friday as they are expecting about 50 people coming for the party. It will surely be a nice and exciting party for me.

In the afternoon, daddy drove me with mommy to the club for a swim around 1630hrs. Just as are approaching the club, it started raining but as I was changing, the rain stopped. It was quite incredible as it did not rain the time when I was in the pool until I got home.

I could stand on my own in the baby pool but I still could not walk properly on my own with the floatie. Then daddy thought of putting me in the floatie and I could start walking but instead I started crying until daddy put me into the kids pool. But I had great fun playing in the pool today. Hope I can go swimming again next week since daddy is going to book the badminton court for mommy to play with Uncle Darren and Uncle Bastian.

Some photos taken today with Uncle Darren 50mm lense.

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Saturday 26 April 2008

Baby Jay Ren's Fullmoon

This morning I woke up very early in the morning again for feed. After that mommy could not sleep again. Today daddy wanted to meet up with Uncle Calvin in Mid Valley to look at some backpacks since Uncle Calvin wanted to get one for the trip to South America, unfortunately, Uncle Calvin could not make it to Mid Valley.

Anyway, after my afternoon nap daddy drove to Mid Valley to change some money and get a gift box for Jay Ren's present which mommy already bought for him. We arrived in Jay Ren's party around 1900hrs. I did not even manage to meet up with him as Toon was feeding me by the poolside since it was too hot to seat inside the hall, but daddy manage to film Jay Ren when he came into the hall for a while. Hope to see him in daddy's next gathering.

We left around 2030hrs since daddy had to meet up with his the owner of Hopefully tomorrow mommy and daddy will take me swimming since it has been weeks since my last dip.

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Friday 25 April 2008

Oh Friday!

It was another Friday with me getting up late since I was making a fuss early this morning when I woke up around 0800hrs for milk but I fell asleep again until late in the morning before waking up for lunch. Mommy also took some photos of me standing up by myself unassisted but unfortunately, I am still unable to walk on my own.

Today I also got an invitation for Ser Kai's birthday party next Friday, May 2nd, 2008 but her birthday is not for another few more day. Mommy also took out all the cloths she bought for me to wash so I can start wearing them. Hurray more new cloths.

Tomorrow daddy will be taking me to see a new friend, Jay Ren, who has just turn one month old and we are going to celebrate his first month birthday. I am going to have great fun.

Some photos taken today

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Thursday 24 April 2008

Macau In A Day

We woke up early thinking of leaving the hotel by 0900hrs but instead we were held up by the staff in the hotel for overcharging our room. Daddy made the reservation with for RMB400 per night per room but instead when daddy is making payment, they charged RMB429 per room per night but got it sorted out after seeing a manager.
We took a taxi from the hotel to Shekou Ferry Terminal which is located about 25km away and the fare is RMB60 just in time for the 1030hrs ferry bound for Macau which took only an hour, arriving at 1130hrs.

We had only a couple of hour walking around and daddy suggested to visit the most popular site, Largo do Senado, Ruins of St. Pauls and Monte Fort. It was an interesting place but we had too little time exploring this beautiful region. We took bus Transmac Bus no.3 from the ferry terminal and stopped at Largo do Senado. Daddy thought it was a good idea to have Portuguese since this use to be a Portugal colony until 1999. We tried Platao Restaurant which was suggested by a lady in the Tourist office located at the square and since this restaurant was just a couple of meters away, it would be the best choice.

After lunch, we walk up to the Ruins of St. Pauls and then to the Macau Museum located on Monte Fort and just next to the ruins. If you you are going to visit the fort, a good suggestion is to go via the Museum Entrance since they have escalator all the way to the top.

Daddy wanted to walk down the other side of the fort and visit the cemetary but we did not have much time left, we walk back to the square and took bus No. 3 back to the ferry terminal to collect the luggage before taking another taxi to the airport to catch our flight at 1750hrs.

Some photos taken today

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