Wednesday 23 April 2008

My Last Night In Shenzhen

Today we were actually going to take a ferry back to Macau but instead we stayed on for another day so we can visit some of the city attractions, such as Windows Of The World, Splendid China, Happy Valley and Cultural Village. Daddy wanted to leave early but as usual we left the hotel around noon, wasted the morning preparing for me. The weather also got a little better, clear sky with cool wind unlike the day we arrived and yesterday.

We arrive at the last stop of Shenzhen Metro (Shijiezichuang) at 1230pm to meet grandpa and granny which arrived 15mins later from Luoho Station. Since we did not have much time, daddy thought to just have a look and continue to the next attraction instead paying ¥120 for each adult. Instead of walking all the way to Splendid China, mommy suggested to take a monorail around this Oversea Chinese Town (OCT). The ride was interesting as it actually show part of the park attraction without paying for the entrance. But I slept most of the ride.

After ride, we then took a metro back to Laojie for mommy last minute shopping in Dongmen area, since mommy was looking for longjohns.

We will be leaving tomorrow early morning for Macau.

Some photos taken today

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