Tuesday 29 April 2008

Getting Crazy

I am getting incredibly crazy. Today I refuses to have my dinner. Mommy started feeding me around 1800hrs and I could not finish anything even until 2030hrs when daddy got home. Mommy initially fried some rice for me then I started crying and refuses to eat so mommy thought I did not like it, so mommy boiled some soup and rice with pork and vegetables which I also refused to eat as well, it was going on until 2030hrs when daddy got back from work. Daddy then told mommy to feed me with milk before I sleep but instead mommy fed me immediately which I finally finished it.

Mommy got so angry today that she tried to force my mouth open to feed me. I must have been really really naughty.

In the evening just before all the feeding started, mommy and Toon took me out for an evening walk around the garden.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Princess Hours (궁)

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