Tuesday 22 April 2008

Day In Shenzhen

(Shennan Rd at night)

It was a crazy day yesterday, started since 0400hrs and only went back to the hotel to sleep at around 2100hrs. We woke up into our smelly room (621) around 1000hrs when grandpa come over to inform daddy that grandpa and grandma will be taking a walk since I was still sleeping. After that daddy called the front office and try to get a new room since we might be extending our stay in the morning. We finally got the room at 1200hrs and moved in by 1230hrs before going for dim sum lunch.

We started our day by taking the Shenzhen Metro to Lo Wu (see the picture below with a girl seated next to me and daddy being friendly) since grandpa and grandma has been saying how large and cheap the goods there were. To some extend it was true, it was huge but cheap not for everything. Anyway, even it wasn't cheap but mommy bought 3 dresses in 2 different shops for only RMB100, which I think it is reasonable.

Then we took metro again from Luohu to Huaqianglu which is the main electronic market are located since grandpa was thinking to look for a cheap china phone that includes GPS but unfortunately, they have phones with GPS receiver but not running on Windows Mobile. Walked around the complexes and then tried to walk back to the hotel from there but we failed only manage to reach Dajuyuan, which is only a stop away from our destination, Laojie.

We finally arrived back at the hotel at 2130hrs and daddy make room reservation for another night in Shenzhen. Tomorrow daddy will bring me to see Windows Of The World.

Some photos taken today

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