Friday 31 July 2009

My First Overnight Train Ride

Wow, it is going to be my first time taking an overnight train from Kajang to Tumpat. Been asking daddy and mommy about train lately and finally I am able to experience a real overnight train ride. My first time taking a train was in Peru, from Ollantaytambu to Aguas Calientes which was only about 4 hours but this time the ride from Kajang to Tumpat will take 13hours and 30mins.

The whole day mommy was busy packing and preparing for this trip so I stayed at home watching Barnie the whole day until daddy got back around 1900hrs. Just after we had dinner Uncle Alex arrived to pick up us since daddy was afraid that there might be a bad traffic jam along the way to the train station as some gathering was suppose to be held at 1900hrs at Kajang Municipal Hall. Anyway we left home at 2030hrs for the train station and arrived at 2050hrs, just before the scheduled departure time at 2103hrs. Anyway the train did not arrive at the station until 2112hrs. Since we were only given about 2mins to board the train and we were not told where will be coach going to be, we had to run to the coach!

Daddy bought a private 2 berth room, without the bathroom since this was the best they had for this route and it would be better since daddy would not want to disturb other passenger is I cried in the night. The train (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) condition wasn't exactly good, the main entrance to the berth was flooded with water leaking from the ceiling, and the train actually blacked out twice, first time just before arriving in Seremban and second, not long after we left Seremban station. Well it is going to be another at least 10 hours before we arrive in Tumpat.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with Rice
Dinner : Steam Egg and Mushroom Soup with Rice

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Barnie on iPod.

(posted from Room 4, Coach D1, Train 16 Kajang - Tumpat on Celcom Broadband)

Saturday 25 July 2009

A Day In Penang

I woke up very early this morning and tried to wake up daddy as well but daddy refuses to acknowledge my present, so I went outside to the hall while waiting for mommy to cook breakfast for me. By the time daddy woke up, Uncle Andy was about to go downstairs to get some Nasi Lemak for all of us.

After mommy, daddy and uncle david finished the nasi lemak, daddy drove out to Lorong Selamat for his favourite stall food, Curry Noodles, Prawn Mee (Hokkien Mee), Char Koay Teow while mommy and Uncle David had Assam Laksa. Since mommy wanted to do parasailing, and daddy thought it of taking me up Penang Hilll so daddy thought we go up the hill first and drive back to Ferringhi Beach to do parasailing.

When we arrived at the tram station for Penang Hill, we were all surprise that all ticket up the hill until 1700hrs are sold-out! So daddy decided to take the 2200hrs tram up since I have not been up the hill and it should be my first time on a tram. We drove back to Ferringhi Beach since mommy really wanted to do the parasailing. We got to Ferringhi Beach around 1630hrs and immediately some guy came over and quoted mommy a price, RM80.00 for small round and RM120.00 for medium round which caught us all by surprise since Aunty Pearl told mommy it should not be more than RM50.00 per round. Anyway mommy manage to bargain the price to RM60.00 for a suposingly large round. Below are some photos taken of mommy getting ready, up in the air and land.

(clockwise from top left : life-jacket, hooking up the chute, up in the air, thumb up)

We went back to the condo after mommy's adventure, before leaving for dinner at 1800hrs to Bukit Tambun. It took just more than an hour to get from Batu Ferringhi to Bukit Tambun via Georgetown which I fell asleep almost immediately we left the condo. When we got to the Gee Seng Restaurant I started thrown tantrum which lasted for more than 45mins before I stopped and started eating my dinner. Guess I was too tired after running around the whole day. We ordered,
1) Fried Salted Egg Crab (RM32.00)
2) Steamed Pomfret (RM42.00)
3) Steamed Prawns (RM18.00
4) Fried Chilli Paste Prawns (RM18.00)
5) Steam Clams (RM7.00)
6) Steam Razor Clams (RM12.00)
7) Fried Kailan (RM5.00)

Unfortunately, no one manage to take any photos since I was creating a scene! We left the restaurant just after 2100hrs and manage to get to Penang Hill tram station at 2145hrs before taking the 2200hrs tram, only the 4 of us and they did not even bother to check our tickets when we board the tram. The total journey took about half an hour, with us changing cars at the mid-point station. We got to the top of the hill around 2230hrs and walk around a little since most of the stalls, hotels, or shops if any were already closed. It wasn't cool at all, my guess is that there are too many developement ungoing up on the hill. While I was playing with Uncle David, I fell backward and had a little bump on my head with a little red spot. The scenery of Georgetown was fantastic, it would have been better if daddy had brought the camera up.

Maybe the next time. We left the hill at 2315 (the last tram for the day) and got back to the condo just before midnight.

Lunch : Fish Ball Noodles @ Lorong Selamat
Dinner : Steamed Prawns and Steamed Pomfret @ Gee Seng Seafood, Bukit Tambun

Some photos taken today

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Friday 24 July 2009

Up To Penang

After 3 days in Penang, I finally got home today around 1800hrs.

I left on Friday noon for Penang after dry wonton noodle just outside the house. The drive to Penang was easy with little traffic. We arrived in at Time Square Penang just before 1600hrs as daddy had a meeting around there. So me and mommy spend about 2 hours here, eating at Ipoh Old Town and Swensen. Penang Time Square is only 5% occcupied so it was almost like only each floor with only 1 operating shop. Daddy came back to meet up with us around 1800hrs before rushing to Uncle Andy's house in Batu Ferringhi. It took us almost 45mins from Jalan Dato Keramat to Batu Ferringhi.

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We got to Uncle Andy's condo just just before 1900hrs and it was my first time meeting Uncle David. I was so afraid of everyone at home, since I have not met Aunty Pearl or Uncle Andy lately as well. It took me a quite a while before I got used to everyone. We went to Captain's Restaurant@Penang Swimming Club for dinner, and it was very good actually, we had,
1) Peking Roast Duck
2) Yam Basket
3) Curry Chicken
4) Fried Kailan
5) Mixed Vegetable Toufu

After dinner, we walk around the night market since daddy wanted to get me more Barney DVDs and we got home around 2330hrs.

Lunch : Dry Wonton Noodle
Dinner : Peking Duck, Toufu and Prawns with White Rice @ Penang Swimming Club

No photo were taken today since daddy forgot to bring the camera along.

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Tuesday 21 July 2009

Solar Eclipse Tomorrow

In a few hours I hope I will be able to experience the longest 21st century solar eclipse which will last for approx 6 mins but only a couple of minutes where I am. I hope I will be able to witness this tomorrow before the next eclipse from the similar series in August 2nd, 2027. Thats when I am 20 years old!

Well today daddy came home early and met me and mommy by the road next to Aunty Jin's house, so daddy drove me back home. I got a scratch on my face just below the right eye while playing with Ser Kai today.

Today I also finally able to change DVDs and play it on my own as long the TV is set to Video mode. Daddy also confirmed to meet up with Uncle David in Penang this Friday.

Lunch : Fried Butter Broccoli and Mushroom with Spaggetti
Dinner : Steam Pomfret with White Rice

No photo were taken today

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Sunday 19 July 2009

Sunday @ Bagan Lalang

I was suppose to have my first game of tenning today but because all the courts were fully booked I went swimming instead in the club. It was a surprise that all courts were taken up since it was never really utilise the last time when I was there.

Anyway I am sure I grew taller since I can stad on my own in the kid's pool. This time I wasn't so afraid being on my own in the kid's pool unlike the last time when daddy took me there. Maybe it is because mommy was in the pool with me.

After swimming, daddy had a craving for steam prawns like those we had in Tambun, Penang. So daddy decided to try a restaurant in Bagan Lalang as suggested by Aunty Vivi. We drove home to pick up granny and grandpa for the 1 hour drive to Bagan Lalang via Putrajaya, Sepang, Labu and Sungai Pelek before turning into Bagan Lalang.

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We arrived at H.M. Sri Bagan Restaurant just after 2000hrs with some direction assistance from Aunty Vivi since even grandpa has not been here before. The way this restaurant works is that you place your fresh seafood first by picking your own choice yourself and let them know how you want it to be cooked. We had,
1) Curry Flower Crab
2) Chilli Razor Clams
3) Fried Clams with Ginger
4) Steam Pomfret with tangerine
5) Steam Prawns

The curry crab and fried ginger clam was actually quite good but the steam pomfret, chilla razor clams and steam prawns wasn't that great. The fish wasn't cooked when it was first serve and they had to take it back in again. Anyway overall the food wasn't that bad if you are looking for some nice Malay seafood.

We took a longer route back, via Tanjung Sepat, Morib (Kuala Langat), Banting, Dengkil and Putrajaya which took a total of 1hr and 30mins, and I slept along the way home.

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Lunch : Fish Ball Noodles @ Ah Choy
Dinner : Seafood @ H.M. Sri Bagan

Some photos taken today
(coming soon)

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Sunday 12 July 2009

My First Movie In Cinema

I got to watch my first cartoon in the cinema today, Ice Age 3 : Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, at GSC 1 Utama (New Wing). I managed to sit and watch throughout the movie and participated at some laughter as well. Guess I had a jolly good time watching this movie as well. Hope that daddy and mommy will take me to movies more often now.

Initially we were just suppose to go to 1 Utama to get mommy's contact lenses but ended up reaching home around 2300hrs. We arrived at 1 Utama around 1500hrs today since daddy wasn't sure what time we were going to meet Aunty Ou and Uncle Raymond. Anyway we met in 1 Utama since Aunty Ou got something for mommy in Singapore. Aunty Ou is daddy's friend, Uncle Khee Wai's wife's, Aunty Jaclyn, brother's, Uncle Raymond's wife which comes from Chiang Mai and will be giving birth soon to a baby in about 30days time. Soon I will have another friend.

Anyway this morning after having breakfast at Uncle Choy's noodle soup, daddy and mommy went to get a replacement train ticket as the ticket to Tumpat we bought had actually passed, daddy got the wrong date, instead of departing end of this month, July 31st, the ticket we bought earlier dated June 30th?, which is why on the day when daddy was buying the ticket, the man over the counter told daddy that it was full and left only 2 cabins, which are both at the end of each coach. Wasted Rm205.00 for the ticket we bought earlier. Daddy suggested to mommy that instead of giving an Ang Pow for Aunty Por, we give Aunty Por the unused ticket instead.

Finally daddy formatted his computer, and hopefully daddy will start transferring all the photos taken before into the hard drive before uploading it here.

Aunty Cyn Cyn also got out of hospital today after staying for 4 days because of dengue!

Lunch : Fish Ball Noodle @ Uncle Choy's Noodle Shop
Dinner : Spaghetti @ Chilli's

Today's Movie - Ice Age 3 : Dawn Of The Dinosaurs