Sunday 30 August 2009

A Day In Fraser's Hill

(Putrajaya at night)

Mommy woke me and daddy up early this morning since daddy suggested to drive up to Fraser's Hill after Uncle Raymond suggested a different route up, via Bentong (Raub) instead of the usual Kuala Kubu Bahru(KKB) route. We traveled 262km (using Google Maps)

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We started our journey at 1200noon after having our breakfast at Uncle Choy noodle in Kajang and we arrived at the lower gate Gap just after 1400hrs, but we had to wait for about an hour before we were allowed to drive up due to the current traffic control. It was a torturous drive up from Tranum even it was less than 15km, mommy had motion sickness and by the time we got to the lower gate Gap, mommy looked pale! Luckily we had to wait for about an hour so Mommy could rest a while before another 8km up to Fraser's Hill.

Since we got to Fraser's Hill, it was about 1530hrs, mommy thought it would be a good idea to check out some hotel since it was a school and public holiday and I am sure mommy wasn't keen of taking the journey back downhill so soon. The first hotel we got to was Jelai Highland Resort, which was not very well maintained so we decided to move on since daddy was interested in putting up a night at The Smokehouse if there are going to be any rooms available, which surely not since it was high season!. Then we took a drive to Fraser's Silverpark Resort as well as The Pine Resort before stopping for a horse back ride.

Then daddy suggested not to stay for the night since we had covered most of the attractions in Fraser's already so we headed back to the clock tower to walk around since before driving back home. Just as we stepped out for the car, daddy and mommy immediately got hungry because of the roast chicken and satay at the stall just next to where we parked our car, had some satay and have a look at the new government run hotel which was brand new and reasonably priced before driving downhill.

We took the Kuala Kubu Bahru route back since it would be too stresstful to drive back the same way we came. We stopped over at Hulu Ulu Yam for dinner, which Uncle Vincent has been talking about, initially daddy was so convince that we were at the right restaurant but only after we finished our dinner, daddy realised that we actually went to the wrong restaurant! That was why the food tasted quite bad but the price was quite reasonable only RM34, we had
1) Vinegar Pig's Trotters
2) Thai Style Deep Fried Taufu
3) Fried Egg with Prawns
4) Fried Lettuce

The drive back from Hulu Ulu Yam back to Kajang was very good, we left just after 2100hrs and we arrived home just before 2200hrs, which was not too bad actually. Then at 2330hrs, daddy drove me and mommy out again to Putrajaya hoping to watch Merdeka Day fireworks but sadly there isn't any this year.

Lunch : Fish Ball Noodle @ Uncle Choy
Dinner : Shrimps Fried Egg and Lettuce with White Rice

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Saturday 29 August 2009

Bubba "Shrimpy" Gump Day!

Today I had a crazy shrimpy dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid!

Anyway my day started this morning with a morning cry! This is when I woke daddy up from his sleep. Then just after dinner daddy drove me and mommy to pay Aunty Ou a visit, since Aunty Ou is currently staying in a confinement home in Petaling Jaya for another week before she can go back home with Baby Emalie. We left around 1600hrs when Baby Emalie woke up for her milk.

Then daddy thought since we are already in this area, why not we go to Sunway Pyramid since it has been a while since we went there, actually daddy just wanted to make an excuse to have his Chili at Wendy's. As we got into the shopping floor, Enfa A+ was doing a product introduction with 4X DHA! which mommy actually suggested to daddy a few months ago but daddy thought it would be better for me to stick to Gain Plus since I have no problems with it. Anyway I manage to "pass" 5 quests and got a free goodie bag. Mommy then got me a few books from MPH since I wanted to look at books as we walked passed it.

Then for dinner, daddy suggested Bubba Gump, as we passed it driving into the carpark and it reminded daddy about Forest Gump! The food was actually quite good except for the Shrimper's Heaven which wasn't very tasty compared to Cajun Shrimp and Shrimper's Net Catch. For dinner we ordered,
1) Cajun Shrimp (4 Star)
2) ¾ Shrimper's Net Catch (5 Star)
3) Shrimpers's Heaven (1 Star for the cold prawns)
4) Tomato Fettucini

Lunch : Dry Wonton Noodle with Roast Pork
Dinner : Tomato Fettucini @ Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Some photos taken today

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Friday 28 August 2009

Fight Again!

Went over to Ser Kai's house in the afternoon after lunch and we started fighting again! it is becoming a culture everytime go over to her house, this time we were fighting over a bag, then after that when I was playing alone, Ser Kai came over wanted to play with me but I got irritated so I started kicking her! Mommy saw what happen so mommy came over to slap my leg and after that Ser Kai came over again to disturb me, I kicked her again! Don't you think I am becoming a little too agreesive! Guess watching too much "lakorn".

After dinner, mommy walk me along the house to pick some 'butterfly pea or known in thai as Dok Anchan(ดอกอัญขัญ)' flower for Aunty Ou tomorrow, since Aunty Ou wanted to draw Baby Emalie eyebrow, "For centuries Thai women have used the juices of anchan, a dark purple flower, to promote dark, lustrous, thick hair. It was also rubbed into babies' eyebrows to make the brows grow thick and long. The flower is rich in Bioflavinoid, an ingredient in modern-day hair products that stimulate hair growth". Do you think will this work? If so, guess it will work perfectly for daddy's hair loss.

Lunch : Friend Prawns and Baby Corn with White Rice
Dinner : Reddish And Pork Ribs Soup with White Rice

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Thursday 27 August 2009

Hurt My Back

Not sure how I hurt my back today but when mommy realise just before daddy bath me, it was badly swollen and mommy tried to ask me if it hurts but it was not painful when mommy press on it. I must have accidently knock onto something in the evening while I was playing since mommy did not notice it when I was having my afternoon nap.

This weekend, daddy will try to take me to FRIM again and walk up the canopy walk since we did not manage to do it 2 weeks ago.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with White Rice
Dinner : Fried Pumpkin and Egg with White RIce

Some photos taken today

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Tuesday 25 August 2009

Clumsy Clumsy

I was so clumsy today when mommy was taking me out for an evening walk. As I was running out to the gate, I tripped and fell on the ground, scratching my knee and I started crying after that, so mommy took me in the house and clean my laceration before walking me to the playground.

Just as we were walking to the playground, I saw daddy driving back in the car and ask daddy to take me to see Kitt but we forgot that Kitt has gone to Genting Highland for this week since it is a school holiday.

Lunch : Noodle with Pork Ball and Broccoli
Dinner : Pork Rib Soup with White Rice

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Monday 24 August 2009

Back From Hat Yai

We left for Hat Yai last Friday (21st Aug) and got back very early this morning after a stopover at Tambun for dinner. We arrived in Hat Yai on Friday around 1800hrs (Thai) and went straight for DaZa cafe for the meeting before I left with mommy to meet up with Aunty Kwan since mommy wanted to visit the food fair near Prince of Songkhla University. Daddy only met up with me at a footstall around wet market around 2200hrs after getting a hotel room for Uncle Vincent at The Great Hotel.

In the afternoon, daddy drove us all out to get some grocery from Carrefour and a pot from Kim Yong(ตลาดกิมหยง) market for Uncle Vincent's mommy. Later in the evening after my dinner we went out for dinner at Aunty Kwan shop, and daddy wanted to take Uncle Vincent for some grill prawns and tom yum but unfortunately the stall was close so daddy came back to Aunty Kwan shop.

On Sunday, we picked up Uncle Vincent around 1030hrs for breakfast and drove to see some fish shop since Uncle Vincent wanted to buy some guppys back for his aquarium. There are a few big fish shops along Phadungphakdi Road. We left Hat Yai just after 1630hrs after picking up Uncle Vincent from his favourite massage parlour, Carawa Ancient Massage, adjoining to Golden Crown Hotel.

We got to the border around 1900hrs (MST) without any hassle except mommy's ATM card was confiscated by an ATM machine. The drive from the border to Bukit Tambun was easy with minimal traffic, we arrived at Gee Seng Restaurant in Bukit Tambun around 2045hrs. We had prawns, clams, and first time trying horseshoe crab, which was ultimately tasteless and nothing like a crab because it is related closely to spiders, ticks or scorpians rather than crabs.

We arrived home just after 0100hrs.

Some photos taken during this trip,

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