Wednesday 12 August 2009

Got My Fringe Cut

Woke up quite early today and mommy turn on the TV for me while daddy was still sleeping. Today mommy asked me if I knew what book was it, a National Geographic Magazine, and I answered and told mommy that it was daddy's toilet book! Since everytime daddy goes into the toilet he will take with him that magazine, how can I not know!

Today mommy also cut my fringe since it was getting a little long and covering my eyes, how do I look with my new hairstyle?

Air Asia started the promotion today and daddy was very tempted to get the London or Melbourne ticket but because of our experience with Air Asia, daddy hesitated to put me with this airline at the moment, guess maybe when I grow up a little more, daddy might reconsider flying with Air Asia but at the moment, daddy would rather fly me on a full service flight instead. Will wait for Malaysia Airlines or Singapore Airlines promotion maybe?

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