Saturday 1 August 2009

A Day In Narathiwat

(unmanned immigration booth in Tak Bai)

We finally arrived in Narathiwat around 1130hrs (Thai) after 45mins delay in the train arrival time. Fortunately they manage to fixed the train black-out after the second incident but anyway I am very sure daddy had a tough time sleeping with me on the lower berth since I kept moving around throughout the night.

We arrived at Tumpat train station at 1115hrs (Malaysia Standard) and got into a taxi to Pengkalan Kubur ferry pier departing Malaysia for Thailand. It cost us RM8.00 for the 15 mins taxi ride and got into Thailand within minutes via a small boat at RM1.00 per person. But Thailand being Thailand, we arrived at Tak Bai (see photo above), without an immigration officer at the booth! Daddy and Mommy was totally lost and did not know where to get an arrival stamp in the passport since we did not want to enter the country illegally! We were told that we needed to take a 5mins walk to the other side for an entry stamp. Anyway, daddy is not sure how effective if Thailand going to capture any wanted person arriving in its shore since we arrive and walk around the town without a valid entry stamp!

Anyway Aunty Por had someone waiting for us at this immigration booth and we arrived at our hotel, The Imperial Narathiwat at 1130hrs (Thai). Since there wasn't any food left at the food car on the train we came from, we were all hungry by the time we arrive at the hotel and since Aunty Por recommended the restaurant just located next to the hotel, and daddy wasn't sure of walking around this city, we had our first meal at this restaurant ran by mostly katoey! but they were all very friendly and helpful. After lunch, mommy needed to activate her phone since all phone are locked for the 3 southern province, Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat. Even daddy's celcom was not able to get any signal! So we took a walked to DTAC office, which is just about 500m from the hotel.

Aunty Por came to the hotel around 1400hrs to meet us and took us out for a drive before sending me back to the hotel since I was getting sleepy. When I woke up, daddy took me swimming which mommy and Aunty Por went home to get something for the hall decoration. Later in the night Aunty Por came to pick us up for dinner at her home since it is supposingly her bachelor night!

Tomorrow will be Aunty Por big day! Her wedding with Uncle Art but I am not sure what time does me and daddy need to attend since the lunch will start at 1130hrs and a thai wedding reception will be held before the luncheon. Then we will be heading back to Malaysia before taking a flight back to Kuala Lumpur at 1950hrs and try to attend Shen's wedding Oriental Crystal Hotel in Kajang.

Lunch : Toufu Soup @ Meuan Fan
Dinner : Prawn Spaghetti Bolognese from Meuan Fan

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Barnie

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