Sunday 9 August 2009

I Am In Kids Pool

We were suppose to go a simple trek at FRIM today with breakfast at Uncle Choy but as usual daddy did not wake up until 1100hrs and I could not have my fish ball noodle too! It would have been a real nice outing today but no, I stayed at home until evening when daddy drove me and mommy for a swim in the club.

Since daddy woke up late this morning, we tried to race to have fishball noodle at Uncle Choy but when we got there, it was sold out. Mommy then suggested to try the food court at Mahkota Cheras since we will be moving there soon and it would be good to try out some of those food stalls there. I shared a Fish Paste Rice Noodle with Mommy while daddy had Pork Paste Dry Yellow Noodle. After having lunch, daddy drove around here to see if there are any good location to rent since mommy is keen in opening a shop selling baby cloths.

On the way back, I started telling daddy that the dashboard of the car was dirty, this prompted daddy to send the car for wash at the Carltex Petrol Kiosk along the old trunk road, Jalan Cheras-Kajang, good and detail people. We waited for about 15-20mins for them to clean daddy's car after which daddy drove back home since I started complaining I was sleeping!

We got home around 1430hrs and I slept almost immediately after my milk until 1645hrs when daddy drove me and mommy out for a swim at the club. This time I stayed most of the time at the kids pool since I could stand on my own without daddy holding me, but I still had float on my arms as a precaution. We left the club around 1800hrs to pick up grandpa and granny for dinner at Old Man Restaurant.

Lunch : Fish Paste Rice Noodle @ De Coffee O, Mahkota Cheras
Dinner : Fried Ginger and Onion Fish, Fried Toufu and Lettuce with Rice @ Old Man

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow. Below is an edited video taken today,

Today's Movie - Everyone's Hero

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