Tuesday 18 August 2009

At The Playground

Mommy took me out for an evening walk today since mommy wanted take some photos and video of me playing the swing and slides. Uncle Vincent might be following us back to Hat Yai this weekend as well. Will see if Uncle Vincent make it with us to Hat Yai or not.

Mommy also found out from Aunty Ou that Baby Emalie had some complication after they were discharge from hospital. Baby Emalie was admitted to hospital for a few days due to the jaundice which Baby Emalie was born with. The doctor said that it might be due to the food Aunty Ou consume and transfered to Baby Emalie through breast feeding. Now Baby Emalie is fully recovered and discharge from the hospital and doctor told Aunty Ou not to breast feed if she continue to consume the same food. Hope to meet them soon!

Later in the evening daddy came home to pick me and mommy up to Tesco since we ran out of rice.

Lunch : ABC Soup and Hard Boiled Egg with White Rice
Dinner : Steam Pomfret with White Rice

Some photos taken today,

Click here for more photos in slideshow and below is a video taken today,

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