Friday 28 August 2009

Fight Again!

Went over to Ser Kai's house in the afternoon after lunch and we started fighting again! it is becoming a culture everytime go over to her house, this time we were fighting over a bag, then after that when I was playing alone, Ser Kai came over wanted to play with me but I got irritated so I started kicking her! Mommy saw what happen so mommy came over to slap my leg and after that Ser Kai came over again to disturb me, I kicked her again! Don't you think I am becoming a little too agreesive! Guess watching too much "lakorn".

After dinner, mommy walk me along the house to pick some 'butterfly pea or known in thai as Dok Anchan(ดอกอัญขัญ)' flower for Aunty Ou tomorrow, since Aunty Ou wanted to draw Baby Emalie eyebrow, "For centuries Thai women have used the juices of anchan, a dark purple flower, to promote dark, lustrous, thick hair. It was also rubbed into babies' eyebrows to make the brows grow thick and long. The flower is rich in Bioflavinoid, an ingredient in modern-day hair products that stimulate hair growth". Do you think will this work? If so, guess it will work perfectly for daddy's hair loss.

Lunch : Friend Prawns and Baby Corn with White Rice
Dinner : Reddish And Pork Ribs Soup with White Rice

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Up

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