Saturday 29 August 2009

Bubba "Shrimpy" Gump Day!

Today I had a crazy shrimpy dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid!

Anyway my day started this morning with a morning cry! This is when I woke daddy up from his sleep. Then just after dinner daddy drove me and mommy to pay Aunty Ou a visit, since Aunty Ou is currently staying in a confinement home in Petaling Jaya for another week before she can go back home with Baby Emalie. We left around 1600hrs when Baby Emalie woke up for her milk.

Then daddy thought since we are already in this area, why not we go to Sunway Pyramid since it has been a while since we went there, actually daddy just wanted to make an excuse to have his Chili at Wendy's. As we got into the shopping floor, Enfa A+ was doing a product introduction with 4X DHA! which mommy actually suggested to daddy a few months ago but daddy thought it would be better for me to stick to Gain Plus since I have no problems with it. Anyway I manage to "pass" 5 quests and got a free goodie bag. Mommy then got me a few books from MPH since I wanted to look at books as we walked passed it.

Then for dinner, daddy suggested Bubba Gump, as we passed it driving into the carpark and it reminded daddy about Forest Gump! The food was actually quite good except for the Shrimper's Heaven which wasn't very tasty compared to Cajun Shrimp and Shrimper's Net Catch. For dinner we ordered,
1) Cajun Shrimp (4 Star)
2) ¾ Shrimper's Net Catch (5 Star)
3) Shrimpers's Heaven (1 Star for the cold prawns)
4) Tomato Fettucini

Lunch : Dry Wonton Noodle with Roast Pork
Dinner : Tomato Fettucini @ Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow and below are videos taken today,

Today's Movie - Forest Gump


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