Thursday 18 September 2008

In A Tub With Ser Kai

What a wonderful day. I was in the same tub playing water with Ser Kai! Mommy has put the both us inside a tub outside in the lawn in Ser Kai's house. Had a great time in the water.

Some photos taken today

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Wednesday 17 September 2008

New Toys!

It was just another day for me today except Grandpa and Granny drove home today after a week in Penang. I got new soft toys from Grand Aunty Pearl from UK as well, by Niko. I got a giraffe, a lion and a "naughty" monkey by Nici. But Grandpa and Granny trip back wasn't pleasant when the car wheels started shaking and needed to replace a new tyre.

Daddy is still not sure if we will be driving to Singapore on Friday evening or Saturday early morning since daddy need to be at the bank by noon to open the bank account.

Lunch : Pumpkin Porridge
Dinner : Steam Egg with Steam Rice

Some photos taken today

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Tuesday 16 September 2008

A Usual Saturday

It was just another usual day for me. Nothing wrong with daddy's car this morning. The car got started without any problem so far, but daddy would have to change the car battery before we leave for Thailand end of this month, during the Hari Raya holiday.

Granny might be coming here end of this week since Grand Aunty Yee just renewed her passport in Songkhla yesterday and they are planning a trip here since daddy will be driving back end of this month, but all this depend if daddy is driving to Singapore on Friday or Saturday for a day trip.

In the evening, Ser Kai's aunty was telling mommy again that I should be potty trained since I am getting older and I no school will accept me if I am not ready! Anyway it's a long way to go, another 18months or a minimum 15months before any school actually accepts me.

Mommy today also starting to feed me with the new rice we bought in Tesco last night, Sumo Calrose Rice since they ran out of Bario rice.

Lunch : Vegetable Tofu Congee
Dinner : Steam Pomfret with Steam Rice

No photo were taken today

Today's Movie - Lilo and Stitch

Monday 15 September 2008

Hello Hello!

This morning daddy's car wouldn't start. It took a while before daddy decided to call the service centre to enquire the problem since it was the first time daddy facing this problem. Luckily it was the battery and daddy could jump start it using a cable with Ser Kai daddy's car. Anyway it was easily resolve but daddy had not changed the battery yet. Guess he will have to soon.
After daddy left for work, I had my lunch while watching Monster Inc., before falling asleep watching it. Did not have a long afternoon nap, only for about an hour before waking up and started running around the whole house again.
I am getting mischevious now, someone will have to look at me at all time now since, I could start looking for things such as hammer and could take a liquor bottle and walk around with it, dangerous!
In the evening, while I was waiting for daddy returning from work, mommy was talking to Ser Kai's aunty discussing about Ser Kai kindergarten, Cosmotots, but I would have to wait for another 18 months before I could attend since the minimum age is 3 years old and I must be potty trained as well.
Lunch : Steam Pumpkin Egg with Steam Rice
Dinner : Cabbage Soup Congee

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Monster Inc.

Sunday 14 September 2008

Rainy Sunday

Daddy initially thought taking me swimming in the afternoon today but the weather changed and started raining around 1600hrs, just when I woke up from my afternoon nap. So I stayed at home the whole day, not going anywhere since daddy had to stay at home to watch Formula One.

Mommy was chatting with Aunty Ta and Aunty Ta wanted to know when is mommy starting to take photos of me again. It has been weeks since mommy and daddy took photo of me.

Lunch : Pumpkin Porridge
Dinner : Steam Egg Spinach with Steam Rice

No photo were taken today.

Today's Movie - Accepted

Saturday 13 September 2008

My First Artwork

Swimming or not? This was the first question daddy asked mommy this morning, but no answer from mommy so daddy told mommy anyway we need to go to the club today to settle the monthly subscription fee.

When I woke up this morning, I gave mommy a shock when I remove the pen cover and started scribbling on the comforter while daddy was still sleeping! See the photo below, my first piece of artwork, 
(coming soon)

We left home around 1500hrs and drove directly to the club first to settle the payment first before driving to Berjaya Time Square. This is my first time coming here since the last time daddy and mommy came was during their wedding. Uncle Calvin told daddy that Time Square not is quick interesting but I do not think so. Daddy initially thought it would be a great idea to let me have some fun at the indoor theme park (Cosmo's World Theme Park) but since there as only 4 rides I could go on and the entrance fee came up to about RM80 for daddy, mommy and me (anyway I am free because I am below 3 years of age). We spent some time here until around 1930hrs when daddy decided to go to Pavillion instead since it was getting kinda boring here.

We only manage walked around Pavillion for not more than 2 hours but I enjoyed it much better than Time Square. Mommy allowed me to walk by myself and I started to my a little cheeky when I met another boy, first I started to pinch him then I wanted to bite him as well! The boy's mommy got a shock when I wanted to bite him. Mommy also got me a new bib from Pumpkin Patch today.

Lunch : Vegetable Soup with Steam Rice
Dinner : Herbal Soup with Stew Pork Ribs and Steam Rice (at Level 5, Time Square)

Daddy forgot to bring the camera with us today again. Initially daddy thought it would be great to take some photo of me in the theme park. Another day.

Today's Movie - Superstar (Thai Reality Show)

Friday 12 September 2008

17 Months Old

Ser Kai came over again today after she got home from school and we had a wonderful time watching Dinosaur. Unlike previously, mommy turn on the surround system this time to see if I was afraid of the sound effects but instead I enjoyed it very much with Ser Kai. No Problem.

Ser Kai's elbow also got better, without any red patches and much smoother than before, as Ser Kai was using another cream which actually makes the skin dry. Now I really wonder what ingredient is actually in this cream, since the effect is almost immediately and whether would there be any side effects later.

Daddy got home early today while I was having my dinner outside with Ser Kai and wanted to take a drive to Tesco to change the bread which turn moldy before the expiry date but daddy was too lazy to go out later since daddy was going to do his weekly ebay listing.

In 30 days, I will be 18 months old.

Lunch : Pork Ribs Tofu Soup with Steam Rice
Dinner : Boiled Mix Vegetable with Steam Rice (Ser Kai ate as well)

No photo were taken today.

Today's Movie - Dinosaur

Thursday 11 September 2008

On A Thursday

It is just another day for me today. Ser Kai came over again immediately after she is back from school. This has become almost a daily routine since grandpa and granny went to Penang.

Ser Kai also started applying the cream which mommy introduce to Aunty Jin, since Ser Kai had some rashes around the elbow joint. Hopefully she will get better as it comes and go.

Daddy did not come home until late tonight.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Steam Egg
Dinner : Vegetable Soup Rice

No photo were taken today again.

Today's Movie - Samurai Girl

Wednesday 10 September 2008

Playing With Ser Kai

Ser Kai come over in the afternoon to play since mommy and Auntie Jin were having the som tum feast. I also starting to snatch toys from Ser Kai as well, and cried when I am not able to have them. Today Ser Kai use her hands to block me away from getting the toys from her, first I started screaming then I got angry and started crying. This is when mommy and Auntie Jin came out to see what was going on.

Then around 1430hrs, Ser Kai refuse to go home for her afternoon nap. I was outside in the driveway and could hear her crying, my eyes turned red as well while listening to her cries.

Daddy got home just before dinner while I was having my dinner at the driveway. I slept from 1500hrs till 1800hrs.

Lunch : Vegetable Porridge
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steamed Egg

No photo were taken today

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Tuesday 9 September 2008

'Grandies' Are Away

Grandpa and grandma left for Penang this morning to look after great granny since Grand Uncle Kirby need to be back in KL. 'Grandies' will be in Penang for at least a week until Grand Uncle Andy and Pearl comes back from Norwich.

As for me, I stayed at home the whole day just like any other day. Woke up early in the morning, waking up mommy and daddy as well. Slept for almost 2 hours in the afternoon with mommy before getting up for dinner. Daddy got home just before I finished my dinner since daddy needed to send off some package at the pos office.

Ser Kai came over in the evening after my dinner since mommy was feeding her as Auntie Jin could not get Ser Kai to have her dinner quietly.

Lunch : Anchovies Porridge with Fried Egg
Dinner : Minced Vegetable Congee

No photo were taken today since daddy forgot to charge the battery after taking some product photos yesterday.

Today's Movie - House Of Saddam

Monday 8 September 2008

Been Skipping Blogs

I have been absent from blogging for almost 3 weeks now. Daddy and mommy has been busy with eBay sales, as the sales has been increasing steadily.

For the past week since I got back home from Hat Yai, Daddy drove back on Wednesday after mommy did all the government documentation for me and mommy. We left Hat Yai very late in the evening, around 1700hrs arriving back home around 0030hrs. We stopped for dinner just after the border in Jitra for dinner before a non-stop drive back home.

It has been a pleasant over the pass few days, we did not go anywhere since it has been raining daily since we got back until Sunday, which daddy wanted to take me swimming but mommy wasn't keen since daddy had to go back home for his Formula One.

As for mommy, she has been busy with the Thai TV dramas.

I hope I would be able to update this blog on a daily basis again from today onwards with either photos or video.

Lunch : Steam Rice with Fried Pumpkin Egg
Dinner : Steam Rice with Steam Egg

No photo were taken today

Today's Movie - Generation Kills