Saturday 13 September 2008

My First Artwork

Swimming or not? This was the first question daddy asked mommy this morning, but no answer from mommy so daddy told mommy anyway we need to go to the club today to settle the monthly subscription fee.

When I woke up this morning, I gave mommy a shock when I remove the pen cover and started scribbling on the comforter while daddy was still sleeping! See the photo below, my first piece of artwork, 
(coming soon)

We left home around 1500hrs and drove directly to the club first to settle the payment first before driving to Berjaya Time Square. This is my first time coming here since the last time daddy and mommy came was during their wedding. Uncle Calvin told daddy that Time Square not is quick interesting but I do not think so. Daddy initially thought it would be a great idea to let me have some fun at the indoor theme park (Cosmo's World Theme Park) but since there as only 4 rides I could go on and the entrance fee came up to about RM80 for daddy, mommy and me (anyway I am free because I am below 3 years of age). We spent some time here until around 1930hrs when daddy decided to go to Pavillion instead since it was getting kinda boring here.

We only manage walked around Pavillion for not more than 2 hours but I enjoyed it much better than Time Square. Mommy allowed me to walk by myself and I started to my a little cheeky when I met another boy, first I started to pinch him then I wanted to bite him as well! The boy's mommy got a shock when I wanted to bite him. Mommy also got me a new bib from Pumpkin Patch today.

Lunch : Vegetable Soup with Steam Rice
Dinner : Herbal Soup with Stew Pork Ribs and Steam Rice (at Level 5, Time Square)

Daddy forgot to bring the camera with us today again. Initially daddy thought it would be great to take some photo of me in the theme park. Another day.

Today's Movie - Superstar (Thai Reality Show)

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