Thursday 27 May 2010

Skipped School Today

I skipped school again today, since I slept really late last night and just as mommy thought, I refused to wake up for school. Did not do much except playing with some toys and did some painting. Mommy and daddy is asking me why I am keep saying "Don't do this, I will call Miss Lim" or "I will tell Miss Lim", now daddy and mommy really wonder if Miss Lim scolded me or had a bad impression in me, or the other way around, a great and perfect

Daddy came back early tonight to pick me and mommy up for the Vesak Day procession along Jalan Sungai Chua in Kajang, where I used to stay last time. This year I think there were more floats than before.

We arrived at BHP petrol kiosk around 2030hrs and waited for about 30mins before the first float arrived. I was sprayed with supposingly holy water, but daddy thinks it is more like a fragrant water instead! The full procession took about 25mins from the first till the last float. This time was a little more interesting since I could understand better.

Tomorrow I will be staying with grandpa and granny since mommy and daddy will be painting mommy's shop.

Lunch :
Dinner :

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Wednesday 26 May 2010

Disney Playhouse Time

It was a great day in school today, it was kinda surprise when teacher drove me to another school to join another group of kids being entertained by Disney Playhouse! Actually mommy nor daddy was informed about this until when daddy picked me up from school today, Miss Ng (my teacher) told daddy that I participated in a dance and got myself a mickey mouse plastic hat! Not bad isn't it. Wonder if am going to be appear in Disney Playhouse channel? Doubt so :)

Slept for a while at home and did my usual things and waited for daddy to come home before I fell asleep at 2330hrs. Hope I can wake up tomorrow to go to school since I woke up early today without any problem.

Lunch : Bitter Gourd Soup and Pork Ribs with White Rice
Dinner : Bitter Gourd Soup and Pork Ribs with White Rice

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Tuesday 25 May 2010

Almost Skipped School Again!

Well I almost skipped school today again when I refused to wake up this morning. Mommy fell asleep again after trying to wake me up, until 0900hrs when Daddy woke up to go to the toilet, I bounced up immediately feeling fresh, only until when mommy told me to finish my milk. Since daddy was already awake, I demanded daddy walking me to school instead of mommy. By the time I got to school it was already 1000hrs.

Since I got to school late, mommy did not make me any breakfast today, and daddy forgot to inform my teacher that I did not have any food. So my teacher tried to offer me some food but I refuse all, but told my teacher that I wanted Char Siew Pau, then my teacher told me that she will buy for me later, but I answered "No lah, mommy buy, at home got already!"

I learn a new song today at school, London Bridge Is Falling Down, and I was singing in the car jsut now when daddy drove us to Carrefour for grocery. Well so far I have mastered only a few songs,
1) 123
2) ABC (Alphabet Song)
3) Ten Little Indians

and my current no.1 pop favourite "Nobdy by Wonder Girls" and my only line is
- nobody, nobody but you!

Anyway, in the evening just now daddy drove me to Carrefour and I refuse to go with mommy up to the supermarket but had to wait for daddy to finish his hair cut first!

My knee got better too after falling down yesterday at granny's house.

Lunch : Char Siew Pau
Dinner : Fried Salmon with White Rice

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Monday 24 May 2010

Another Week!

Another week has past and it was just like yesterday when I attended Aunty Emily and Uncle Jammie's wedding last week. This whole week has been fun since I skipped school one day as I refuses to wake up for school!

This week I started doing painting at home, daddy bought me a colour cake and we were doing palm painting! it was exciting until I made a mess out of the place! I am also getting better with the colours but still occasionally mixing up with the colour names! Currently my favourite colour would be yellow and blue. I am also getting in moving the computer mouse, learning it with two online games for Toddlers,
1) Mimimops
2) Peekuboo

Hope daddy will take me to watch Shrek 4 "Forever After" next week in the cinema! Wonder how would I react watching it inside a cinema!

We also just found out that Aunty Aey, left Rangsit to avoid the problems in Bangkok and stayed with great granny's at Kanchanaburi which was not affected by the curfew!

Hope I am able to wake up tomorrow for school!

Lunch : Spiral Pasta in Carbonara
Dinner : Prawns and Chicken Chop with Grilled Potatoes

Some photos taken today

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Sunday 9 May 2010

Curtain Yes or No! But It Is Mummy's Day

 I got up only around noon today since I had a wonderful time last night and we were all ready to go to Ikea since daddy was suppose to drive there yesterday. I got ready immediately after lunch and drove directly to Ikea but I tried to suggest Sunway Pyramid or Mid Valley instead! Surely my wish did not come true.

We arrived in Ikea around 1430hrs and the parking lots were full, we had to circle around for 20mins before finally we found a some sort illegal parking spot which the security directed daddy to park. Walk around, got some stuff but daddy still couldn't buy the curtain as he wasn't sure what type to railing to use since we had a bay window and the rods available in Ikea were all too short. Guess daddy will eventually have to install the old normal railing instead of rods which mommy prefers.

We walked for about 3 hours before daddy we left Ikea since I insisted of going to Sunway Pyramid "Lion Shopping (this is how I calls it)". Instead of going to Sunway Pyramid, i started throwing tantrum in the car and daddy decided not to go to Sunway instead of having dinner near the house. As daddy was driving back home, mommy wanted to stopped in The Mines Shopping Fair to check something at Giant and thought why not have dinner here since it is Mother's Day!

So we had Pizza and Spaghetti for dinner at Pizza San Francisco! which wasn't really good. Daddy rated it 3 out of 10 overall, and 3 is  because they had chilli flakes.

I crashed out quite early since I did not have any afternoon nap today.

Lunch : Fried Egg and Lettuce with White Rice
Dinner : Seafood Pizza and Spaghetti Cabonara

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Saturday 8 May 2010

Ser Kai's Birthday

It was a whole day wait to attend Ser Kai's birthday. Daddy actually wanted to get some curtain from Ikea but decided not to when I refuse to sleep and since I might fall asleep on the way to Ser Kai's birthday so we stayed at home the whole day until around 1700hrs when I could take it anymore, I slept for 30mins before waking up to get dressed for the birthday party.

We got to Ser Kai's house just before 1900hrs but grandpa and granny wasn't around since they are already in Ipoh. No one has arrived when I got there so I still had Ser Kai's attention, but later when her classmates and teachers arrived, I just had to blend in with her friends which was initially fun until "Uncle Clown" arrived. I am still very much afraid of clowns, but got better when the program was finishing. I did not even dare to line up to get a balloon! It was fortunate that one of Ser Kai's friend gave me a flower balloon. Thank you! I also got my very first tattoo, a butterfly on my hand :)

Anyway I had great fun in the birthday party. Ran around and had some fabulous Nasi Lemak as well for dinner. We got home almost midnight and I totally ran out of battery! Crash :)

Tomorrow I will be going to Ikea with daddy to buy some curtain and hopefully able to get the curtain rails as well!

Lunch :
Dinner : Nasi Lemak with Chicken Soup and Rice

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