Monday 24 May 2010

Another Week!

Another week has past and it was just like yesterday when I attended Aunty Emily and Uncle Jammie's wedding last week. This whole week has been fun since I skipped school one day as I refuses to wake up for school!

This week I started doing painting at home, daddy bought me a colour cake and we were doing palm painting! it was exciting until I made a mess out of the place! I am also getting better with the colours but still occasionally mixing up with the colour names! Currently my favourite colour would be yellow and blue. I am also getting in moving the computer mouse, learning it with two online games for Toddlers,
1) Mimimops
2) Peekuboo

Hope daddy will take me to watch Shrek 4 "Forever After" next week in the cinema! Wonder how would I react watching it inside a cinema!

We also just found out that Aunty Aey, left Rangsit to avoid the problems in Bangkok and stayed with great granny's at Kanchanaburi which was not affected by the curfew!

Hope I am able to wake up tomorrow for school!

Lunch : Spiral Pasta in Carbonara
Dinner : Prawns and Chicken Chop with Grilled Potatoes

Some photos taken today

Click here for more photos in slideshow.  

Today's Movie -Shrek The Third

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