Saturday 30 June 2007

Me in Bikini

Today mommy found the bikini she bought for me months ago, or before I was born in Jusco Ipoh. Daddy and mommy thought of taking me to the swimming pool so they wanted to see if I can fit in the bikini but as you can see from the photos below, I will have to wait for at least another month before I can wear this sexy bikini.

Later in the evening, daddy drove me up to Genting, no problem at all, mommy held me in her arm and I slept all the way up without waking up at all. Just as I arrive up in Genting, I woke up right on time for my milk. Daddy went to finish up his work while me, mommy and Toon went to search for the Korean Restaurant. Unfortunately, the restaurant is no longer around.

We left around 2200hrs and arrived back home at 2330hrs.

Some photos taken today,

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Wednesday 27 June 2007

Thumb Thumb

At the moment daddy and mommy will still be taking me up to Genting Highlands tomorrow but I am not sure if I will actually be able to take the trip up. But I guess with such beautiful roads I should be fine. Will see what happens tomorrow.

Today mommy also took some photos of me sucking my thumb. I am still unable to have a good co-ordination of my fingers.

Some photos taken today,

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Genting Highlands Can?

Many people has been telling mommy and daddy that they should not drive me to Genting Highlands because of the altitude sickness, pressure, temperature as well as the crowd. Lets discuss this below,

1) Altitude sickness - any newborn should be kept below 8000ft especially for the first and second month. So Genting is located below 8000ft or to be exact is 6001ft. So I guess its fine for a few hours.

2) Pressure - it should be the same symtoms in a plane during take up or landing and one way to prevent is to have a pacifier or a bottle.

3) Temperature - An infant average room temperature should be around 18degrees C so I guess Genting Highlands will just be ideal for me with 2 layer of cloths.

So what do you think, should I go or not?

Some photos taken today,

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Sleepy Day

Nothing much activity today as I slept the whole day only waking up for milk and stayed awake for an hour. This weekend daddy might be taking me to Genting to see if I am comfortable with the journey.

The photos below you can also see me lifting my head up.

Some photos taken today

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Tuesday 26 June 2007

Head Lifted Successfully

Today I am able to lift my head successfully without any help lifting my head and pushing up with my hands unfortunately I could only lift it not longer and a minute. Anyway its a good start. Mommy will continue to turn me face down to practice and hope I can lift my head for a longer period.

In the evening daddy and mommy also took me for a stroll to cousin Kitt house which is a block away.

Some photos taken today,

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Found More Pacifier

Last week when daddy wanted to buy pacifier for me, daddy asked mommy if they actually bought a chicco silicone pacifier and mommy say no because it was no where to be seen. Then today as Toon our maid was cleaning the guest room (or the room with all my sutff), she found the pacifier which daddy and mommy bought before I was actually born. They actually went to Chicco Boutique in 1-Utama and got the cleansing liquid, shampoo as well as the water thermometer. Lucky daddy did not get another silicone pacifier when we went to Mid Valley last weekend. Anyway you can get a cheaper silicone pacifier from Tenderly which unfortunately they do not have a website and cost only ¼ of the price.

Some photos taken today,

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Sunday 24 June 2007

A Happy Sunday

Today is the first time when I am actually awake most of the time during shopping with mommy and daddy in Mid Valley. Mommy got me a new pacifier by Chicco which daddy does not really agree because of how it was make, it comes with a rubber nipple and a plastic mouth piece. Daddy actually wanted to get the soft silicone pacifier, anyway it will be a good to compare both pacifier.

Anyway, something mommy realise after cleaning at home is that there will be water trap inside the pacifier which if actually not very good because bacteria could actually grow inside. Mommy also got be a hairband for me, you will be able to see me with a pink hairband.

Photos taken today,

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