Friday 31 August 2007

Merdeka Day

Today marks Malaysia gaining it 50th independence from the British government 50 years ago but I am only 4 months plus now. So when I am 50 years old and maybe a granny then, Malaysia would be celebrating it's centennial birthday. It's going to be another long wait and definately changes in the next 50years and hope things will get better for everybody.

Anyway because daddy did not get back until early or late this morning (9am), nothing much was done except daddy sleeping the whole day with me and mommy in the room. My first Merdeka day and also a very boring Merdeka Friday.

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Thursday 30 August 2007

People's Princess 10 Years After

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Lady Diana (or formally Princess of Wales) car accident in Paris, France.

Daddy left very early this morning when he got a call from the Mynation party organizer, telling him that they are not able to pick up DJ Phynn from the airport. From then it was daddy nightmare for a 24hrs ordeal work shift which lasted until the following day departure of Cosmic Gate. Daddy was actually telling Uncle Calvin when they were sending Cosmic Gate off that when they arrive is when daddy got up and until the left for the airport daddy has not slept, a very very long day indeed.

As for me I stayed at home the whole day with mommy. Mommy was actually going with daddy for the Merdeka Day countdown party but daddy was just too busy to pick up mommy. Anyway grandpa did something very wrong today when he used granny tart flour to bake bread. When granny tell grandpa that he had used granny flour, he refuse to admit it until granny took the flour packet out from the rubbish bag. I wonder what did granpa's friend, Uncle Tan, would say about the bread.

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Wednesday 29 August 2007

Two Day Before Merdeka

Its just another day to Merdeka and daddy is busy with some acts arriving today for the gig on Merdeka Eve in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. Arriving today are Drum Connection (from Germany) and The Thrillseeker (from UK). Anyway daddy only came home very late in the night.

In the afternoon, Kitt with her granny and granpa visited me with some mooncakes they got from Genting Highland.

Some photo taken today.

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Tuesday 28 August 2007

A Cute Day

Today I achieved another stunt, I could actually role from my back to my front and back again easily. It was unlike how I started off turning. I understand from my granny that I will start to crawl very soon and this actually worries mommy a lot as she is afraid when she is sleeping I wake up and start crawling since I do not have a baby cot yet since we returned the defected baby cot which daddy and mommy bought from IKEA months ago. Anyway daddy just got his refund after 2 months from IKEA. Guess daddy and mommy would have to get me a new cot soon before I really start to crawl around.

I think I starts to recognise mommy as well since every night I would actually need mommy to carry me to sleep. Tonight, granny started carrying me around my sleeping time, 2130hrs and as usual, I started crying but today was slightly different because I was actually screaming and normally I would just fall asleep on granny shoulder as she hold me but today I did not stopped until granny pass me to mommy. Incredibly I stopped crying and feel asleep within minutes. At the moment anyone could still hold me but I am not sure how long I will start to choose the person that could actually hold me?

Mommy also send the Avent "ISIS" breast pump to her cousin or Auntie Ae in Hat Yai today.

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Monday 27 August 2007

I Want To Grow

My feeds is getting much better as mommy now feeds me every 4 hours and not when I start crying. I have been finishing all my bottles with 6oz without much problem and even the last bottle of the day before I sleep which is around 6.5oz of formula milk. Hope the next visit to the doctor, I will have a better growth and not just my lenght and head.

Mommy also spoke to our neighbout, Auntie Jeen and Uncle Heong about solid food, and they suggested to feed me with some porridge and pork liver. When mommy told daddy when they went to Tesco today, daddy did not agree in feeding me with pork liver. I would think the safest way for me to try solid would be the baby bottle food at the moment or maybe some minced pork porridge.

Daddy and granny had an interesting conversation today about cholesterol, granny refuses to eat pomfret today because she says that white pomfret contains a high level of cholesterol which surprise even mommy. I am not sure where granny heard about this so daddy did some finding and found the following some interesting link,

Well you be the judge.

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Sunday 26 August 2007

My Friend Alicia

Today finally daddy got to meet up with his friend Uncle Sani (Kenneth) who is a pilot base in Taipei together with Auntie Yvonne and Alicia. Initial I think Uncle Sani was not very keen in meeting up today as its actually the chinese 'Ghost Festival'. I guess this is the reason that there wasn't a lot of people in Mid Valley today since most of the chinese does not like to go out today to avoid any spiritual beings. Today I got another present from Uncle Sani and Auntie Yvonne, a dress from Gymboree.

Mommy today got more socks for me since most of my socks its either lossen or too small. I actually got 2 pair of new socks from Auntie Liu Yun but they were not made properly, its my first time wearing out today and it kept coming off after a while.

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Saturday 25 August 2007

First Trip To Malacca

Its a miracle, mommy was just getting so exited yesterday when I was trying to turn and early this morning just after the blog was done yesterday I made my first turn. Mommy and daddy got so excited that even granny was asking what is happening but I was only going to to it once. Anyway later in the night I could do it easily but unfortunately I could not turn myself back.

Today, daddy also took me, mommy with granpa and granny to Malacca for lunch, since daddy loves the chendol, chicken rice ball and the unhygenic "Satay Celup". Unfortunately this trip, daddy could not have it "Satay Celup" as he took the wrong turn after leaving Jonker Street. We also took a walk to one of Malacca standing icon "The Stadthuys" other than the "A Famosa"

After the wrong turn, daddy drove straight to Muar to have their famous street food, otak-otak and fried oyster with eggs.

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Friday 24 August 2007

Trying to Turn

Over the past weeks I have been showing sign of turning around with my chest facing down but still I have not achieved it yet. The problem is that I cannot push the last time to turn my body around with my hands wide open.

Granny also got back today after 3 days in Port Dickson. Never been there before but hopefully one day daddy can bring me there when I get older.

Some photos taken in the morning when I am trying to turn around,

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