Friday 17 August 2007


This morning daddy drove to see Dr. Khoo but unfortunately he was not around. Daddy remember seeing it on the screen in Dr. Khoo's clinic but he thought only the clinic were close but consulation in Brittania will continue. Anyway daddy will have to search for some child skin specialist to check on my rashes. So I guess I will have to wait till next Tuesday evening before making another visit to Dr. Khoo. Currently I am still having a little cough and phlegm.

Mommy also took some naked photo of me, how ridiculous but daddy said he is not going to post any of them on this blog or even in Guess it will only be in my photobook. Want to see them, come over and get it from either mommy or daddy.

Some photos taken today

Click here for slideshow.

Today's Movie - Mr. Bean's Holiday (again)

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