Wednesday 1 August 2007

Mommy's Turn

Mommy today fell sick after daddy recovered from his flu which lasted for about a week. Daddy was telling mommy to keep a distant from him but mommy kept saying its okay, she is strong and will not fall sick easily. Since she fell sick today, no photos taken.

As for the rashes, it comes and go, I was getting better last night and today it came again. Now there are some below my left eye. But the weird part is that the rash will only appear red in the morning when I am awake and it will subside during the day (will still have spots but they are not red) when I am awake and it will appear again later in the evening.

Anyway, today auntie Aey also arrived from Hat Yai by bus, she is currently having a break which will last till August 14th. I am not sure when she will be going back to her university, Rangsit University, Bangkok.

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