Sunday 12 September 2010

Hat Yai over Raya Break


It was an interesting weekend as I got to visit mommy's old school, Songkhla Aquarium, and play on the beach!

Some photos taken over the weekend,

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Wednesday 8 September 2010

Road Trip

I will be going for a road trip to Hat Yai in a short while. Daddy is trying out mommy's car since the fuel consumption seems to be very very good according to the meter on the dashboard. A full tank of petrol estimated to go a little more than 700km or around 17km/l! incredible! not sure will only know it later in a while since daddy thought it will be better to drive in the night to skip the traffic tomorrow.

Since I slept around 0100hrs last night, I only woke up around noon today and haven't taken my afternoon nap. I am sure it will be a great sleep when daddy driving to the border later.

Lunch : Sausages and Broccoli with White Rice
Dinner : Yong Tau Foo with White Rice

Some photos taken today

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Monday 6 September 2010


Woke up quite late this morning since it is the first day of school holiday. My kindy will be close for 2 weeks which I am not sure what will happen when my kindy re-open. This morning mommy drove me out to the marketing after finding out that daddy forgot to close the main gate after Uncle Yap came by.

I have been busy the whole day today playing computer games on mommy's computer. My first computer interactive game started when daddy came across an online link to toddler games, Peekuboo, which I started but now I could easily play a few online education games such as,
3) Fun With Spot and my current favourite,
4) BabyTV
* all free online games

After dinner we drove out to Tesco to get some grocery and then to McDonalds Prima Saujana for french fries.

Lunch : Fish Ball Rice Noodle Soup
Dinner : Roast Drumstick and Baby French Beans (Yardlong Beans) with White Rice

Some photos taken before which were never uploaded, will try to upload more older photos when I get the chance!

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Sunday 5 September 2010


I had a wonderful lunch today when daddy and mommy took me for lunch at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur. It has been a while since I came here for lunch. It was more than a year ago the last I was here for lunch. At least this time I had a little more fun as I wasn't as afraid of the clown compared to my previous encounters.

After that mommy wanted to look around in Ikea but the carpark was full so we detoured to 1 Utama instead.

Lunch : Fish Ball Noodle and Sushi @ Lemon Garden, Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur
Dinner : Porridge @ 1 Utama

Some photos taken today

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Saturday 4 September 2010

Mommy's New Car

Finally after months of shopping around, mommy collected her second hand Fiat Punto from the agent, but will still have to wait till next monday before the car becomes road worthy as the insurance which daddy asked Uncle Francis to process is still being process. Hopefully it will be done Monday morning and the car would be ready by Monday afternoon.

After sending grandpa and granny home, we went home before deciding driving to Jusco Cheras Selatan for dinner. Initially I wanted to have Johnny's but the queue was so long that we changed to Teppenyaki instead.

I also just managed to figure out on the photo arrangement......

Lunch : Beef Ball Noodle
Dinner : Prawn Teppenyaki

Today's Movie - Space Chimps

Friday 3 September 2010

My Monster

Hurray! My school holiday has just started! 2 weeks off.

Above is a drawing I did in daddy's office just a while ago. I drew it all by myself which daddy was kinda surprised. Not too bad right? Do you think I could win anything for this piece of art! I call this a monster with long sharp teeth.

Mommy will also be getting her car tomorrow, a second hand 2001 Fiat Punto! Now we don't have to wait for daddy to come back to take me out! except I am not sure if mommy could find her way around :)

Over the weeks mommy has also started her online baby cloth sales in Facebook and amazingly there are buyers. Click here for Mommy And Me Online Shop.

Lunch : Roast Pork Rice
Dinner : Chee Cheong Fun

Today's Movie - Wall-E