Friday 3 September 2010

My Monster

Hurray! My school holiday has just started! 2 weeks off.

Above is a drawing I did in daddy's office just a while ago. I drew it all by myself which daddy was kinda surprised. Not too bad right? Do you think I could win anything for this piece of art! I call this a monster with long sharp teeth.

Mommy will also be getting her car tomorrow, a second hand 2001 Fiat Punto! Now we don't have to wait for daddy to come back to take me out! except I am not sure if mommy could find her way around :)

Over the weeks mommy has also started her online baby cloth sales in Facebook and amazingly there are buyers. Click here for Mommy And Me Online Shop.

Lunch : Roast Pork Rice
Dinner : Chee Cheong Fun

Today's Movie - Wall-E

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