Monday 12 July 2010

Aiyah! Don't Have

Mommy and daddy was quite certain that mommy was pregnant with another baby after an initial quick pregnancy test but after consulting the doctor today, it was an early pregnancy failure or known as blighted ovum.

Before mommy did the scan, the doctor brief daddy and mommy about the growth of the fetus, which was suppose to be born on Feb 14 (Valentine Day) and 9 weeks old! Anyway when mommy got up to the scanning bed, the doctor first said it was not  9 weeks and then he was a little lost before he say it was a blighted baby since the size of the bag was quite big and no baby to be seen. Well, we are going back to Hat Yai this weekend since mommy wanted to get a second opinion from another doctor to confirm.

As for me, refuse to wake up for school again! I have been frequently skipping school.

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Some photos taken today
(a scan photo will be uploaded soon)

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