Monday 31 December 2007

Counting Down To New Year

Finally after days of waiting I am finally here again in Bangkok. We left home at 0730hrs when the scheduled taxi came to pick us up to the airport. It was a smooth drive and daddy learned a new road skipping all the tolls. The 2 hours flight here was fine without any problem we arrive in Suvarnabhumi Airport sharp at 1140hrs sharp. Getting out the airport and all the way to Citadines apartment took us no more than an hour.

After checking into the hotel, daddy thought of having lunch in Emporium since it was the nearest shopping complex to this apartment. Walk around a bit and went back to the apartment before going out again later in the evening to Paragon for dinner and for 2008 countdown. Initially the crowd was quite scattered and daddy thought it much has been last year''s bombing which would have cause the people to stay away from public place. The crowd increased toward the countdown and it has filled up whole street around Central World. It was like a sea of heads flooded the street.

Just before the fireworks started I woke up due to the noises generated by the people around when the first fireworks shot up. I stayed awake throughout the fireworks display and only fell asleep again when we were walking back to the apartment. It was a very very long day for me. We will be leaving for Kanchanaburi tomorrow.

Some photos taken today

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(Air Asia (AA) - still do not allow family with baby to board the plane first and the senior citizen age has been increased from 55 to 65 years of age. Actually did not want to fly AA again after the experience we had the last flight but the airfare is just too hard to resist)

Sunday 30 December 2007

Leaving For Bangkok Tomorrow

I will be leaving for my second trip to Bangkok tomorrow but daddy's eye is not getting any better today. He went to see a doctor today but doesn't seems to really help. Guess daddy will not have a good holiday this time.

As for me today, while daddy and mommy is trying to close the luggage after packing I feel of the bed again, just like what happen in Kanchanaburi a couple of months ago. Except this time, it was not as high as the bed in Kanchanaburi but only a few inches high. Anyway it did cause a bruise my forehead. Guess I never learn from my previous falls.

Tomorrow the taxi will be here to pick us up at 0730hrs for our flight at 1040hrs. Will need to wait in the airport for 2 hours and another 2hours flight.

No photos were taken today as everyone was busy packing for the trip.

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Saturday 29 December 2007

Daddy Having Eye Soar

When daddy woke up this morning, mommy immediately told daddy that his eye is red and swollen. Daddy did not know what is wrong but told mommy that he felt a stingy sensation on the right eye. Anyway daddy went out in the afternoon, bringing me and mommy along to meet up with Uncle Ian arriving from Singapore.

So we went to daddys's office after picking up Uncle Ian and stayed there until dinner time. After dinner as we were going back home, daddy stop over in Tesco Kajang to get another box of milk powder just in case we do not have enough when we are in Thailand.

No photo was taken today since mommy was packing my cloths for my trip to Thailand.

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Friday 28 December 2007

Chic vs Chick

Early this morning mommy actually went over to the house at the back to buy some "kampung" (village) eggs for me but it was sold out as you need to booking to buy these eggs since the chicken are not fed with any chemical produced feeds. But later in the evening mommy took me and Toon over to buy more eggs. But I am so excited when I saw the real chicken running around and the sound they were making.

In the afternoon, mommy took me over to Aunty Jin house, I got so comfortable with my neighbour that I could sleep and move around just like my own home. I think I have got "crush" with mobile phones. I was sitting down quietly and just as aunty Jin put her phone down, I immediately crawled over to pick it up. And the next thing was throwing it away.

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Today's Movie - Nang Nak

Thursday 27 December 2007

5 Days To New Year

I will soon be another year old, well not theoretically but in calender I will actually be another year old. And it will be another 4 days before I leave for Bangkok again. This time, I will be going with Grandpa and Granny as well. For this trip after visiting Great Granny in Kanchanaburi, we will be renting a van to tour around the ancient city ot Sukhothai and Ayutthaya and hopefully some other smaller cities around before going back to Bangkok on the 7th or 8th.

This morning Grand Aunty Lui Yun came over again to inform granny that she might not be able to join us for this trip as Grand Aunty Liu Yun and Grand Uncle will be going to Shanghai again around March next year. So I guess it will just be us.

As for daddy, he had a Taiwanese artist in town, Chen-I(site in chinese), so daddy was not back for dinner again tonight.

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Today's Movie - Nang Nak

(world first women muslim state leader Benazir Bhutto assassinated today)

Wednesday 26 December 2007

Walking Around

Today I stayed at home walking around the house assisted by mommy. I am more interested in walking then sitting down. Mommy will have a tough time chasing me when I start running around for sure.

Aunty Liu Yun just got back from China and I got a present from her. She bought a chicken soft toy for me but I got "freak" out when I saw it. I did not really dare to touch it actually, it was like me touching something dangerous.

Granny invited Aunty Lui Yun to Bangkok with us next week as well, but not sure if she would be going since the airfare might not be worth it. But it will be quite fun to have her around for this trip.

Today daddy also went to try the Angus House and he tried both angus beef and wagyu beef and both of them are different in texture as well as taste. Wagyu beef is much juicier and tender while the angus beef is slighty tougher and dry but with a very nice after taste.

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Tuesday 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas

This is my first Christmas but it did not meant much to me since daddy and mommy does not celebrate it. But I wish everyone A Happy, Peaceful And Joyful Christmas.

Anyway today daddy drove us, mommy, grandpa and granny out to One Utama since mommy wanted to get a new baby bag for me and a non-stick pot to cook porridge. Well mommy got her non-stick pot for my porridge by TVS SpA from U-Parkson. Mommy actually wanted to get the baby bag from Kipling since they had promotion but daddy think it was not good enough since it can only hold 2 bottles properly while the bag daddy saw in Pavillion could hold 4 milk bottles and it was wasn't cheap as well. So no new bag for me but daddy might search for it when we go to Bangkok next week.

Mommy also got a new bathrobe for me since granny was afraid that I will catch a cold when I get out of the pool.

Some photos taken today

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Monday 24 December 2007

Christmas Eve

Well celebrating Christmas is not so much my family tradition as non of us are Christian but daddy thought it would be fun to have a simple Christmas Eve dinner at home, without the traditional turkey but anyway it was a bird dinne.

I am now very comfortable with Ser Kai as well since mommy left me there today for about 30mins alone playing with Ser Kai. Did not cry or make noises even when I saw mommy across the fence, all I did was just smile at mommy.

Later in the night, cousin Kitt come over with her mommy, auntie Catherine and Kitt grandparent. I was playing with Kitt in my bedroom after daddy carried me up to the bedroom to sleep. Unfortunately, no christmas present for me.

Some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - 2 Hitmen

Sunday 23 December 2007

A Rushing Day

Mommy wanted to go for pot shopping today in either Mid Valley or One Utama since there wasn't much choice in Parkson Pavilion. Daddy then called Aunty Cyn Cyn if she was free to meet up with Mid Valley together with Aunty Yvonne but instead, Tai Ku Poh invited us for dinner in Kajang together with Low Lee Leng (Kajang State Assemblywoman). Then grandpa told us that Mr. Lee which daddy thought it would be great to print some photos for Mr. Lee on our previous luncheon.

Immediately after lunch daddy thought of getting the photo printed in Jusco Cheras Selatan since Fujifilm has an outlet there, but when we got there, the machine is out of order and they could only give us the photos on Wednesday to daddy decided driving to Harvey Norman Pavilion to get the photos printed since we tried them yesterday and the colours were good. After that we immediately drove back home for dinner at 1830hrs.

Daddy forgot to take the camera to dinner but granny bought a photo taken in Pavilion today, I actually smiled!

Today's Movie - Thai Channel 3 (Thai General Election)

Saturday 22 December 2007

Another Day In Pavilion

Since the other day we only had a couple of hours to walk around in Pavilion, today daddy drove me and mommy to check out the remaining outlets which we missed. Well we did not missed much except for the food outlets on the 1st Floor and the remaining outlets on the 5th floor.

Mommy actually wanted to get a new non-stick pot, so my porridge do not get burned again. But there isn't much choices in Parkson. But instead, daddy saw a bag by Burberry for me since I do not really have a bag to put my stuff when we go out. It is a Check Messenger Diaper Bag.

So while daddy and mommy was thinking about getting the bag, they saw a Fujifilm self developing photo machine in Harvey Norman which was going for MYR 0.45 for each 4R size. Actually the print quality are very good. Mommy is going to choose more photos and get it printed before we leave for Bangkok on New Year's Eve.

Toon is also back from her holiday in Indonesia, so mommy will not be so tired washing, cooking, cleaning and feeding me. Grandpa and granny is also back from Ipoh today with a big christmas present from Great Auntie Pearl, a teddy bear.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Who's Your Caddy