Monday 31 December 2007

Counting Down To New Year

Finally after days of waiting I am finally here again in Bangkok. We left home at 0730hrs when the scheduled taxi came to pick us up to the airport. It was a smooth drive and daddy learned a new road skipping all the tolls. The 2 hours flight here was fine without any problem we arrive in Suvarnabhumi Airport sharp at 1140hrs sharp. Getting out the airport and all the way to Citadines apartment took us no more than an hour.

After checking into the hotel, daddy thought of having lunch in Emporium since it was the nearest shopping complex to this apartment. Walk around a bit and went back to the apartment before going out again later in the evening to Paragon for dinner and for 2008 countdown. Initially the crowd was quite scattered and daddy thought it much has been last year''s bombing which would have cause the people to stay away from public place. The crowd increased toward the countdown and it has filled up whole street around Central World. It was like a sea of heads flooded the street.

Just before the fireworks started I woke up due to the noises generated by the people around when the first fireworks shot up. I stayed awake throughout the fireworks display and only fell asleep again when we were walking back to the apartment. It was a very very long day for me. We will be leaving for Kanchanaburi tomorrow.

Some photos taken today

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(Air Asia (AA) - still do not allow family with baby to board the plane first and the senior citizen age has been increased from 55 to 65 years of age. Actually did not want to fly AA again after the experience we had the last flight but the airfare is just too hard to resist)

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