Tuesday 11 December 2007

My New Swimsuit

Over the past 2 days I think I must be lack of sleep as I was quite moody with everyone. I cried all the time and refuses to reply anyone calls. But today I am all changed, I am more responsive to calls and I would smile as soon as I see anyone. I must have enough sleep today. I even refuse to eat porridge when mommy tried to feed me, I would make refusal noises but once the spoon and bowl is out of sight, I would immediately smile and show my happy innocent face.

Mommy also tried to put on the swimsuit by Ogival, she bought for me over the weekend in Jusco Mid Valley. It fit me perfectly, no problem at all this time. But mommy realise that the colour actually get wash away as well when it is soak. Guess that's why it was on promotions. So now mommy has to wash a few times before I could wear it, just in case the colour fades off when I am in the water.

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Heroes Season 2 Episode 11

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