Sunday 16 December 2007

Second Day In Penang

Daddy woke up quite late after a late night when mommy discovered the air-con in the room was leaking. When daddy got up he immediately called his artist to enquire about the sales of the CD during the performance and also make an appointment to meet up with them at Equatorial Hotel just before noon. Initially daddy thought to taking me, mommy, granny and grandpa for Char Kuey Teow first but because the journey from Batu Ferringhi took longer than what daddy expected so he drove straight to the hotel. After that it a food tour.

Daddy first went to Greenlane Assam Laksa stall, which was suppose to be a branch of the famous Ayer Itam Assam Laksa but unfortunately it was not open. Anyway mommy had Bangkok Famous Pork Leg rice, daddy had his Hokkien Mee, Grandpa had his Curry Noodle and Granny had first plate of Char Kuey Teow for the day. After that daddy drove us to the famous "Sisters Char Kuey Toew" which we waited for more than 30mins. Mommy says that it is quite good but grandpa says he will never return because the waiting time was just too long. Granny got no comment! After that it was the last stop, daddy's favourite eating street, Lorong Selamat, to see if the old man is still there making char kuey teow. Unfortunately, the old man is gone and the new guy who took over wasn't anywhere near what the old man cook. Well, daddy also his Curry Mee and Assam Laksa.

After that daddy wanted to take mommy again to do some shopping for me as i have not enough shirt to wear. Actually we were suppose to drive back today but after lunch daddy changed his mind to stay another night, its was a very good idea since mummy thought she can play sky flyer in the evening since she wanted to play it a for long time ago. But unfortunately it rained so mommy could not get on it. I slept almost 2 hours in the afternoon after we got back to Grand Auntie Pearl's house, and we all went to Gurney Plaza for dinner when I woke up. Mommy got 3 fairy tales books and 1 sleeping pants, since it was a last minute suggestion to stay another night.

Some photos taken today

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