Thursday 29 October 2009

Contractors And Contractors

It was like a day just speaking to different contractors today. Started this morning when the first person, from Chow Choon Corporation, called mommy asking to visit the house for the flooring quote. They are selling KronoTex laminated flooring which is about Rm6.00 p/s ft with a 12 years warranty, anyway will need to read more about this brand.

Because Uncle Sani told daddy that Uncle Amin also does laminated flooring, so we met up with Uncle Amin and partner around 1730hrs today for a quote, they are selling Floor Depot product as well as Inovar, which supposingly comes from the same factory which manufacture Pergo with a 15 years manufacturing warranty. The total estimated cost for the step landing and whole floor upstairs came to about RM9,000.00! Hopefully Uncle Amin can give us a little more discount on the flooring.

Later we met up with another contractor for the balcony extension, and the estimated price for the bedroom and bathroom extension came up to around RM9,000.00 as well. Anyway a more detail quotation will be fax to daddy next week. Anyway I doubt now the house would be ready to move in even by December.

Tomorrow daddy will be meeting up with another flooring contractor in the evening and another person on Saturday noon. Hopefully we can get someone honest to do up the house.

Lunch : Fried Ginger Union Fish Fillet with White Rice @ Hung Kee
Dinner : Bak Kut Teh @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras

No photo taken today.

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Tuesday 27 October 2009

Hepatitis A - 2nd Jab

It has been busy for the past few weeks since daddy and mommy was busy trying to get contractors to renovate the house in Sungai Long. We made a few appointments over the next few days to get quotations and hopefully they could start work as soon as possible since, Aunty Yam will be coming to visit us on Dec 9th for 4 days and hopefully she will be the first guest in my new house.

In the evening, daddy come back early to take me to visit Dr. Khoo for my second Hepatitis A vaccination. But I took everyone by surprise that I did not make a single noise when Dr. Khoo gave me the injection! Immediately after getting the injection, I walked to daddy and asked to have my hands wash, well for the fun of it. After leaving the clinic, mommy ask me if it was painful and I said yes!. Mommy told me it wasn't pain, just like an ant bite, but instead, I told mommy my left thigh pain because of the injection!. Even after getting the injection, I said good bye to doctor as I was walking out of the room.

And it was also my second trip to a mamak shop! Since daddy and mommy wanted to have dinner. I had roti tisu!

I am currently,
1) Weight - 12.9kg (up by 1kg)
2) Lenght - 92cm (up by 6cm)

Lunch : Mushroom and Pork Soup with White Rice
Dinner : Mushroom and Pork Soup with White Rice

No photo taken today.

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Monday 19 October 2009

Been Awhile

Its been awhile since I last updated my blog. For the past 2 weeks I have not been doing much actually except staying at home waiting for daddy to collect the new house keys, which was suppose to be collected last week on Nov 16th, 2009 but the seller needed an additional of 1 week to move the things in the house, so they had requested for an additional week to hand over the keys to us. Anyway daddy might be going over to pick up the keys on Wednesday evening so we can arrange contractors to view the house.

I have also been going to Berjaya Time Square frequently lately as we have ran out to places to walk around and this mall is actually not as bad as daddy thought it will be. There are now a lot more shops open and lots of variety to shops, from sports to cloths to even fish spas! I am also trilled with a new shop just opened recently, selling clay for kids and mommy is interested in taking up the license to open a shop around Mahkota Cheras or Sg. Long. The intresting part of this clay is that it can be reuse after it is harden. I would then be able to play with it all the time.

Lunch :
Dinner :

Some photos taken over the past 2 weeks,
(coming soon)

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Monday 5 October 2009

Fever Continues

My fever did not get any better today. It maintain an average of 38°C with a high of 38.6°C just before I was going to sleep but at least I drunk the medicine now after daddy and mommy gave me sweet after taking the medicine.

Daddy wanted to take me to see Dr. Khoo yesterday morning but my fever started reducing so daddy thought I was getting better but it starts again just after dark! Daddy will monitor me another to see how is it but it seems I am not getting any better since I saw the doctor on Saturday.

Daddy did consult Uncle Edmund, who is also a doctor on my fever and Uncle Edmund said it might be URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infections) which is normal for infant and toddler to develope an immunity. Hopefully nothing serious.

Lunch : Pork Porridge
Dinner : Pasta In Pork Soup

No photo were taken today

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Sunday 4 October 2009

Flying Kite

I got better in the morning when I woke up but I it turn bad at night when I was going to sleep. In the morning, daddy and me send mommy to get her teeth fix at Chua And Wan Dental Clinic, while daddy drove me back to feed me with some porridge. Then in the afternoon, daddy drove me out to look for kites since daddy promise me to buy me one if I finish my medication, but I fell asleep just after the first stop so daddy drove me back home to sleep.

I woke up again around 1730hrs, and started asking daddy for kite! I did not forget about the kite that daddy promised earlier even when daddy was sleeping. I kept waking daddy up and daddy had to drive me out to look for kite. Initially daddy thought of driving to Kepong but thought it would be too far to go just to get a kite, so daddy suggested Putrajaya, without any luck, daddy drove on to Bangi via the Putrajaya, and finally we saw people flying kite at Taman Tasik Cempaka.

Mommy bought me a multi-colour, which resemble the rainbow flags for RM15.00. Got some photos taken trying to fly the kite, without any luck. When I got home after dinner, my fever got worst, it went up to almost 39°C. Mommy and Daddy had to force the paracetamol into me. If my fever doesn't drop, daddy would need to take me to see Dr. Khoo.

Hope I will get better tomorrow.

I am not sure if we were lucky that we arrived late or unlucky, click here to read an article about the 45mins Thunderbirds show yesterday, attracting about 150,000 people and a massive traffic jam leading to the airbase! The birds will be appearing over Don Muang, Bangkok on Oct 10th, 2009.

Lunch : Minced Pork and Mushroom Porridge
Dinner : Spinach Soup and Fried Egg with White Rice @ Old Man Restaurant

Some photos taken today,

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Saturday 3 October 2009

Thunderbirds with 39.3°C/104°F

I started off a great day but ended being terribly sick at night.

I woke up this morning, and starting waking daddy up as well but daddy refuses to get up since he got back quite last night after meeting up with Uncle Khee Wai, Uncle Sum Hor, Uncle Toh Teck and Uncle Chee Leong at Sungai Long. Daddy only woke up at 1130hrs and ask grandpa if grandpa wanted to watch the Thunderbirds at Subang RMAF base. We left home around 1145hrs for lunch before we got stuck in a terrible jam from Saujana Club flyover all the way to the RMAF Kampung Subang entrance, which took a total of an hour. By the time we arrived, the air show was already over but we still manage to get a glimpse of the static F-16 Thunderbirds planes on the tarmac. Below are some of the photos taken with the birds.

Driving out from the base was also a problem as everyone was leaving the base the same time. Anyway it only took us around 40mins to get to Sunway Pyramid after leaving the base. When mommy got off the car at Sunway Pyramid, mommy notice that daddy's shorts has a torn hole at back of daddy's short! So we immediately went upstairs to get a new pair of bargain shorts from F.O.S. before heading to SEn to check out Electrolux EWF8576 Washer which is cheaper than HomeDec, and Harvey Norman was only about RM50.00 more for a brand new set. So daddy decided not to buy from HomeDec but might still go to HomeDec to get the Panasonic 50" Plasma going for RM4558 with a free HD Camcorder.

From Sunway we drove to Mid Valley since daddy wanted to make sure on the pricing in Best as well. Anyway we got a slightly better price in Harvey Norman at Mid Valley compared to Harvey Norman in Sunway Pyramid. After dinner at Crystal Jade daddy thought of asking the price of the Toshiba fridge near The Mines but just as daddy about to turn into the main road leading to The Mines, I vomitted in the car! and daddy and mommy thought I might have ate too much and we drove home immediately since I had vomit all over my shirt.

After mommy bath me, I started shivering and my palm turned purple! Mommy got shocked so daddy took me to the KPJ Hospital since this was my first time vomiting solids after a meal. The service at KPJ Hospital wasn't very good, only 1 GP was around, and the first medical officer attended to me was obviously a trainee! When I vomitted at daddy, the officer just sat there and and ask mommy to get tissue from the emergency room! Anyway Dr. Mahesvaralu Naidu told daddy that I vomited due to a throat infection and a 39.3°C/104°F fever! I was given 3 medication,
1) Axcel Paracetamol-250 (for fever)
2) Promethazine (for vomiting)
3) Augmentin 228mg/5ml (antibiotic - sore throat)

Well daddy is not very sure about giving antibiotics to me! but the doctor said it was alright to prescribed it to a newborn baby. Anyway I got better when I got home, started walking, talking and laughing! Hopefully I will get better tomorrow

Lunch : Roast Chicken and Pork Rice
Dinner : Toufo Prawns Clayport Rice

Some photos taken today

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