Tuesday 1 June 2010

Vesak Day

It's a holiday! Got no school today :)

Daddy drove to granny's house this morning since daddy and mommy was doing some paint work in Mommy & Me (coming soon). As for me I stayed at home with granny and grandpa the whole day until daddy came to pick me up around 1700hrs to watch Shrek 4 "Final Chapter" at TGV Cheras Selatan. It was exciting for the first 1hours until rumpelstiltskin witches started flying around and became a little more agressive! Thats when I started crying :) Anyway I enjoyed the movie but daddy and mommy had to keep telling me what is happening and rumpelstiltskin isn't such a bad person! I could tell daddy and mommy about the movie when I was walking out of the cinema and pointed at Toy Story 3, asked mommy if I can watch it!

I arrive home around 2200hrs and refused to sleep until midnight! Tomorrow will be going to granny's house again since mommy and daddy will be busy painting again.

Lunch : Roast Pork Rice
Dinner : Chee Cheong Fun @ Food Court behind Aeon Jusco

Some photos taken today

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