Sunday 30 September 2007

Getting A Flu

I am falling ill today, not too sure how I actually got contacted with the virus, could have been yesterday in Tesco Kajang. Today daddy was suppose to meet up with Uncle Lorenz in Mid Valley but he could not get hold of Uncle Lorenz so he thought maybe will just get there first and if Uncle Lorenz could make it then will just have dinner there. But not until later in the evening when daddy got a call that he could not make it and only be able to meet up tomorrow.

So me, daddy, mommy, granny and grandpa walked around Mid Valley and newly open Robinsons (nothing to do with Thailand's Robinson) @ The Gardens since mommy is shopping for a Kipling or LeSportSac but unfortunately we do not have much choice here. Guess mommy will have to wait until she get to Bangkok to get one.

Mommy today also fed me the remaining packet of cereal yesterday and it took me 30mins to finish it, not sure if it was fast or slow but mommy is thinking of feeding me one packet instead of half a packet. Not sure if I am going to take double to time to finish as well.

Daddy again forgot to bring along the camera today. No photo was taken today.

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Saturday 29 September 2007

My First Solid

After much hesitation, mommy today decided to feed me some stage one cereal today. It was actually given by Dr. Khoo on my last visits but people has been telling mommy that it would be better to feed me when I turn 6 months old instead of now but daddy has been asking why not try since doctor has already given us some to try. Grandpa took some video of me eating and I surely enjoyed it.

Then today mommy also realise when I started to react to calls because I would move towards mommy when she claps her hands and ask me if I want to be carried or not. It could work with daddy as well. Then later in the evening, daddy and mommy finally knew what was the cause of my fall of the bed in Kanchanaburi the other day because it happen just now. I was lying on my bad and suddenly, within seconds, I had roled over and onto the floor away from the mattress. Mommy was quite sure this was what actually happen there other day.

But in the evening, daddy friend, Uncle Lorenz, called to inform him that his wife, Auntie Nydia Wong (Wong Ching Yee)has just passed away on Sept 18th, 2007 in Germany due to cancer. It was definately a shocking news to hear since daddy knew that they had their delayed marriage ceremony in Kuala Lumpur in August 2007. May Auntie Nydia rest in peace.

Below is a photo taken during one of daddy's diving trip out with Auntie Nydia and Uncle Lorenz, (from left to right - Auntie Nydia, Uncle Lorenz, Eddie Faber, Uncle Jerry Knight, Uncle Eddie Zul and Daddy taken in Dec 2001 at Phi Phi Island, Thailand)

A video taken by grandpa while mommy feeding cereal to me,

Click the link below to watch video shot on
1) September 20th, 2007
2) September 21st, 2007
3) September 22nd, 2007

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Bangkok Again!

I will be going back to Bangkok again soon since mommy decided to fly Air Asia once again because of the price. But this time I think daddy would be buying the xpress check-in for the KUL - BKK sector since the Thai Air Asia personnel in the airport are more courteous and helpful than those in LCCT KLIA.

Nothing much happen today except that daddy was suppose to bring mommy to get milk powder from Tesco but unfortunately daddy had an appointment in the night so he is going to buy it tomorrow.

Some photos taken today,

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Thursday 27 September 2007

Feeding Me Is A Problem

Today mommy had some problem feeding me again as I could not finish what is being given to me. In the evening I only drank 2oz of 6oz and after that 5oz of 7oz of milk. Then after that mommy kept on putting the nipple into my mouth which I started to move around and making noised to show that I do not want it anymore.

Mommy today also realise that I could actually start to get attention to get something especially the MagMag Drinking Cup, when mommy take it away from me, I could call and make noises until I could get hold of it. Daddy then also say that I am going to turn around very soon but mommy says that I could actually turn back to my back, which daddy think this is the cause of me falling of the bed. Because there is now way I could fall of the bed in less than 30sec. It must have been I roll and rolled of the bed.

Daddy called mommy telling her that Thai Air Asia is having a promotional ticket for BKK - KUL going for only RM1.00 and mommy was very interested. Mommy was only concern when we board the flight. Guess daddy would have to purchased the Xpress Board vouchers. But daddy has not decided yet as he just to confirm with mommy again if she wants to fly on Air Asia again. If mommy is fine then I will be celebrating my first new year in Bangkok.

Below you can see a yellow teddy bear from Auntie Ta and Uncle K and a drinking cup from Auntie Yam.

Some photos taken today,

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Wednesday 26 September 2007

Drinking Milk

First day back at home and mommy is now facing a little problem feeding me as I refuses to finish most of the feeds now. Mommy would think I could finish the amount prepared but I could never finish it.

Today, nothing much happen as mommy was still busy unpacking and washing the cloths we took to Thailand so no photos was taken of me today. Hopefully tomorrow daddy would come back earlier to take some photos of the present I got from Bangkok.

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Tuesday 25 September 2007

Goodbye Thailand

Today I took a flight back home. It was a fast 6 days trip to visit great granny, great granpa, granny and granpa in Kanchanaburi as well as a one day shopping in Bangkok. We left the hotel very early in the morning afraid that we might get stuck on the way to the airport but the traffic was on the opposite side as daddy predicted it to be. Anyway the whole journey took us 45mins and cost 247bt (not including 2 tools, 20bt + 40bt).

We actually arrived in the airport more than 2hours before the check-in time but there were already people queing up to check-in. Anyway the Air Asia staff in the Suvarnabhumi was courteous to inform daddy that we could actually board the plane together with the X-Press and senioe citizen unlike what happen in LCCT (KLIA). After checking in, mommy wanted something to eat so it was S&P again.

Daddy did not like this airport at all, unlike Don Muang, there were many immigrations counter catering to the floods of travellers, then once inside the terminal after passing the immigration is where the duty free shops and boutiques are, but the layout does not look very good. We board the plane at Gate D5 which is located not far but it was silly on how they actually designed it, you had to walk almost to the end of the terminal before you could enter the Gate entrance for D, after passing the security check, you had to walk back the same direction from where you came from! I think this is a flaw in the draw plan.

Overall, daddy rated this airport to be 4/10 because also for the long wait at the immigration counter.

The flight from Bangkok departed as schedule and mommy manage to secure a seat on the first row which is very much better than the seats at the back and I slept as the plane was taxing to the runway for take-off. I arrived in LCCT (KLIA) at 1330hrs and was picked up by granny and granpa.

Later in the night, me, mommy, daddy and granma took a drive to visit my newborn cousin, Harriette Lee, born Sep 22nd, 2007 weight 3kg. As usual daddy forgot to bring along his camera to take some photo. Will wait till the fullmoon which they normally would invites relative for a feast.

Unfortunately no photos was taken today as daddy went to work immediately and mommy was busy unpacking the cloths. Will load some photos of the T-Shirt daddy and mommy got from Suan Luum Night Bazaar.

Monday 24 September 2007

A Day In Bangkok

It was a crazy day when daddy refuse to give up looking for the T-Shirt printer which he got it from a friend of his. We all had to walk had to walk with him the whole afternoon only giving up after finished walking all the floors in MBK. After that mommy was saying it was time to go to Paragon to meet up with Auntie Yam, Auntie Ta, Uncle K and Auntie Tad. I got more gifts today which I will take the photos when I get back home tomorrow.

Daddy also had a slight food poisoning just before dinner only feeling better after vomiting. It must have been the Tub Tim Krob in Black Canyon Cafe in MBK. Daddy finally manage to find the T-Shirt in Suan Luum Night Bazaar.

Today is my final day in Bangkok and I will be leaving tomorrow early morning to the airport for a flight back at 1000hrs. I am not sure if the Air Asia in Bangkok would be similar to LCCT in KLIA which do not have special privilege for infants. Will see what happens.

Some photos taken today,

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Sunday 23 September 2007

Fell Of The Bed

This morning just before we checked out from the hotel, daddy and mommy was busy packing the luggages and I was left alone on the bed, daddy was actually just next to me packing the main luggage, within seconds, mommy scream and when daddy look towards mommy's direction, I was falling from the bed to the floor. Daddy thought it was head down but mommy was sure that she fell leg down first. There was no bruises on the head except for a red spot on the left knee and a bruise on the right knee. Guess when daddy saw, I already fell on the floor and just as my face hit the floor daddy saw me. Mommy and Daddy got shocked and just look at me if my head was hit. Luckily so far daddy and mommy only could see some bruises on both my knees.

After checking out from the hotel, daddy drove to great granny shop to pick up granny, granpa and Auntie Aey. We left Kanchanaburi at 1230hrs and thats when daddy nightmare starts, as he is not sure of the road leading into Bangkok. He had no problem driving towards Bangkok but dropping Uncle Chang off at Victory Monuments first and from there to Soi 16 was definately a challenge. Anyway with a GPS and a few wrong turn, daddy manage to get to Victory Monuments and then to Citadines Apart Hotel located on Sukhumvit Soi 16.

Tomorrow it will be shopping day for me. Going to MBK and Siam Paragon.

Some photos taken today,

This is what happens to me when Great Uncle Seh Ku carries me,

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Saturday 22 September 2007

Pommitr Studio (King Naresuen)

Finally daddy decided to drive me out instead of leaving me in great granny care since I would be better staying with mommy and great granny is having a flu as well. So daddy took me, mommy, granny, auntie Aey, auntie Chai A uncle Chang, great uncle Lim, and auntie Kib to this very popular attraction. The filming set for the latest thai movie, King Naresuen. But I think daddy was more interested in the drive there since it passes quite a few military barracks and the filming site is located inside Kanchanaburi Military District.

This site is located about 20km away from Kanchanaburi (drive toward Erawan Waterfall until you reaches Lat Ya town, turn left to the Military Site, drive till you see an Airport on the right, make a left turn, drive all the way to the end of the road, just before the amry barracks turn right) and if you do not understand thai like daddy and uncle chang, I would not suggest you to come since firstly, is a waste of money as the entrance is 200bt for foreigner (100bt for local) and all the movie and informations are in Thai! Its hot and I am not sure how long is this place going to stay how it is as most of the sets are made out of cement covered foam and they are cracking. But daddy was quite impress with the amount of money they spend in filming this movie. The whole things took about 2-3 hours if one would to walk the whole park but with a weather like this.. I wonder. Some of the available attraction in this park are, horse riding, buffalo cart rides, shooting century old gun (50bt per shot) and Elephant ride. But daddy still thinks they have a lot to improve if they want to cater this place to foreigner.

Later for dinner, great granny cooked a prawn feast, fried and steam with fried kuat tiew. What a dinner.

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Bangkok but daddy is very worried about the car so I am not sure if we would be able to reach Bangkok successfully. Let's keep the fingers cross.

Some photos taken today,

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