Sunday 2 September 2007

More Cloths

Today daddy and mommy took me with granny and granpa to Mid Valley to grab more cloths as it is the last day of sales, since mommy did not get any yesterday. It was quite a rush as we only left home late afternoon because everyone was actually too lazy to move. Initially granpa wasn't very keen in following us and not sure what changed his mind to come along. Mommy was actually going to buy 2 more soft toy today but the payment counter queue was just too long so she decided not too. Anyway daddy and mommy is preparing me for a swim. They got be a baby float and I cannot until I get wet, not sure if I can fit into my bikini yet?

Later on the way back daddy thought of making a detour to see the last firework display in Putrajaya but it was just like the other day, a very bad traffic jam on the highway leading towards Putrajaya. So we came back hom instead. I am not sure what happen today after I got home as I started crying non-stop every few minutes. I know I am sleepy but I am not sure why can't I just fall asleep.

Daddy nor Mommy took any photos of me today.

Today's Movie - 28 Weeks Later

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