Tuesday 25 September 2007

Goodbye Thailand

Today I took a flight back home. It was a fast 6 days trip to visit great granny, great granpa, granny and granpa in Kanchanaburi as well as a one day shopping in Bangkok. We left the hotel very early in the morning afraid that we might get stuck on the way to the airport but the traffic was on the opposite side as daddy predicted it to be. Anyway the whole journey took us 45mins and cost 247bt (not including 2 tools, 20bt + 40bt).

We actually arrived in the airport more than 2hours before the check-in time but there were already people queing up to check-in. Anyway the Air Asia staff in the Suvarnabhumi was courteous to inform daddy that we could actually board the plane together with the X-Press and senioe citizen unlike what happen in LCCT (KLIA). After checking in, mommy wanted something to eat so it was S&P again.

Daddy did not like this airport at all, unlike Don Muang, there were many immigrations counter catering to the floods of travellers, then once inside the terminal after passing the immigration is where the duty free shops and boutiques are, but the layout does not look very good. We board the plane at Gate D5 which is located not far but it was silly on how they actually designed it, you had to walk almost to the end of the terminal before you could enter the Gate entrance for D, after passing the security check, you had to walk back the same direction from where you came from! I think this is a flaw in the draw plan.

Overall, daddy rated this airport to be 4/10 because also for the long wait at the immigration counter.

The flight from Bangkok departed as schedule and mommy manage to secure a seat on the first row which is very much better than the seats at the back and I slept as the plane was taxing to the runway for take-off. I arrived in LCCT (KLIA) at 1330hrs and was picked up by granny and granpa.

Later in the night, me, mommy, daddy and granma took a drive to visit my newborn cousin, Harriette Lee, born Sep 22nd, 2007 weight 3kg. As usual daddy forgot to bring along his camera to take some photo. Will wait till the fullmoon which they normally would invites relative for a feast.

Unfortunately no photos was taken today as daddy went to work immediately and mommy was busy unpacking the cloths. Will load some photos of the T-Shirt daddy and mommy got from Suan Luum Night Bazaar.

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