Thursday 27 September 2007

Feeding Me Is A Problem

Today mommy had some problem feeding me again as I could not finish what is being given to me. In the evening I only drank 2oz of 6oz and after that 5oz of 7oz of milk. Then after that mommy kept on putting the nipple into my mouth which I started to move around and making noised to show that I do not want it anymore.

Mommy today also realise that I could actually start to get attention to get something especially the MagMag Drinking Cup, when mommy take it away from me, I could call and make noises until I could get hold of it. Daddy then also say that I am going to turn around very soon but mommy says that I could actually turn back to my back, which daddy think this is the cause of me falling of the bed. Because there is now way I could fall of the bed in less than 30sec. It must have been I roll and rolled of the bed.

Daddy called mommy telling her that Thai Air Asia is having a promotional ticket for BKK - KUL going for only RM1.00 and mommy was very interested. Mommy was only concern when we board the flight. Guess daddy would have to purchased the Xpress Board vouchers. But daddy has not decided yet as he just to confirm with mommy again if she wants to fly on Air Asia again. If mommy is fine then I will be celebrating my first new year in Bangkok.

Below you can see a yellow teddy bear from Auntie Ta and Uncle K and a drinking cup from Auntie Yam.

Some photos taken today,

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Today's Movie - King Narusuen (the filming site)

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mycattripoli said...

I love this blog! I think your daughter is precious! And she will know how much you love her when she is older and can look back at all the picture journaling you did about her.