Monday 3 September 2007

Can't Get A Passport

Today I had the funniest problem I encountered in the Kajang Immigration office. I was refuse a Malaysian passport as the officer requested my dad to verify with the Registra Department that I am indeed a Malaysian stated in my birth certificate issued by the Kajang Registra Office. The reason given that I should check my citizenship was because I was born less than 9months from my parents marriage registration and therefore my application for the passport was not accepted until I can vertify with the Registra Department in Putrajaya.

The whole process started at 11.30am when daddy and mommy took me to the immigration office to submit the application for a Malaysia passport but they did not accept the document because mommy did not bring along her passport. Then daddy went home to collect the passport since the officer there requested it and finally I was given a number at 12.30pm. Guess what my numbered wasn't called until 5pm the same day (note that the immigration closure time was 5.30pm) and the the supposingly "special counter" (servicing children below 2, senior citizen, handicapped) was not manned as well. The reason given to daddy, the office today is under staff therefore no one could replace the office on leave.

When the officer told my daddy that he could not accept my application, daddy just went speechless and mommy started asking the officer why didn't they told us earlier and not make us wait for 5 hours. Only then the officer referred us to another officer and he told daddy that I need a letter from the registra department certifying that I am a Malaysian citizen. Daddy then questioned this officer if the birth certificate is not sufficient and the officer kept saying to get a letter from the Registra Office in Putrajaya. Daddy was also given a letter that they issued to another person which had the similar case as mine. I am not sure what is the outcome but I am not sure if I can still make it to Bangkok end of this month to visit great granny. Hopefully everything turn out well.

Some photos taken after we came back from the immigration office,

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Today's Movie - Perfect Stranger and The Killing Floor

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