Friday 14 September 2007

A Cousin Is Born

Actually last night Uncle Martin sent a message announcing the birth of his baby boy at 1917hrs weighing 3.98kg and 54cm in lenght. Auntie Renie and baby is doing well. I am not sure the name of the baby but hope Granny or Daddy will find out soon. Daddy was asking granny if we are going to visit the baby tomorrow since we are going out for a luncheon with Tai Ku Poh, Yee Ku Poh and Mr. Lee in Marco Polo. Auntie Karen will be giving birth soon as well, sometime next week but I will not be around.

Today mommy has been complaining about me being very talkative to daddy. Mommy was telling daddy that even Auntie Jin could hear me talking from outside the house. Wonder was I actually talking or shouting or Auntie Jin having a bionic ear.

Mommy is also now busy preparing and writing down all the things which she needs to bring for next week trip to Bangkok. But daddy is having a dilemma now because he is not sure which road he is going to take from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Mueang Kanchanaburi.

No photo was taken today but mommy took some video of me sitting in the swing,

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