Sunday 21 October 2012

My Front Tooth

My front tooth has been shaky for the past few days and finally today it dropped off when I was chewing a chicken!

While I was chewing, I thought there was a bone when I ask mommy what is it? Then spit it out and came my tooth! Click this link to see when my teeth started to grow, almost 5 years ago!

We left early this morning for a trip with daddy's friend, Uncle Tee and Uncle Andy with Joshua, Lucas, Kayla, Kesha and Vienne to Malacca Zoo and a short walk at Jonker Street until it started raining.

Tomorrow I will be doing my first exam! Wonder??

Lunch : Amboi Restaurant, Melaka Raya
Dinner : Food Street Restaurant, Seremban

Some photos taken today,

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Thursday 18 October 2012

My Kindee Concert - 2012

It's time of the year again for my kindee concert! This time I was representing my class to introduce my fellow classmates in Thai, since we are going to dance a Thai song by Bird Thongchai, Koo Gud (คู่กัด).

It was a tiring day for me since it was held during a weekday and I still had to attend kindee in the morning as well as my chinese class in the afternoon before heading to the concert hall! When I got home, while waiting for mommy, I fell asleep myself on the bed.

And tomorrow will be another long day as I will be following daddy and mommy to Singapore for a day trip! 

Lunch : Porridge @ Home
Dinner : Sakae Sushi @ Paradigm Mall

Some photos taken today

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Thursday 12 April 2012

It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday today and I could be a princess for a day!

I skipped school today to renew my new passport and all went smooth without any problem except that it as a long wait at the immigration office, I think it took almost 3 hours before we were told to collect the passport in an hour! Anyway I got in within the day so I everyone was happy about it except that daddy had gone to the office 4 times today,

1st Time - We all drove to the immigration office.
2nd Time - Daddy forgot his ID card so he had to drive back home to get.
3rd Time - Thought to collect the passport without me but I had to go as they needed my thumb print.
4th Time - Finally I collected my passport at 1645hrs today! Hurray and valid till 2017.

After I got back from Bao Bei, daddy help me to build part of my new Lego and we will the other part hopefully tomorrow since my aunties and uncles from Bangkok will be arriving in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. They are in Genting tonight, unfortunately I had an excursion tomorrow to High 5 bread factory mommy wasn't to keen driving up to Genting so late as I might missed my trip.

Lunch : Siew York Rice @ Auspicious Cafe, Sg. Long
Dinner : Bak Kut Teh @ Wing Hiong Kajang/Bangi

I made most of it assisted by daddy!

And some other photos taken a few days back.

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Wednesday 11 April 2012

Tomorrow Is My Birthday!

Hurray! Its holiday today and I will be 5 tomorrow!

Since it was holiday today I went out shopping with mommy and daddy since daddy promised to get me a birthday present!

And this is what I got for my birthday from Toys R Us at Mid Valley as well as a heart shape ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins!

I will also be renewing my passport tomorrow and hope it will be process smoothly.

Lunch : Beef Ball Noodle @ Lai Fong Taynton
Dinner : Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens

A video taken earlier,

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Monday 9 January 2012


Another day at school! check out my new sunglases not the top but the bottom :)

Aunty Toon came over to our house to help clean up the house for Chinese New Year since after Great Granny passed away Aunty Toon will be staying in Grandpa's house for the time being until she leave for Indonesia in March.

Lunch : Pork Rib Soup with Rice
Dinner : Pork Rib and Mushroom Soup With Rice

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Peppa Pig

Sunday 8 January 2012


I just love shopping! woke up this morning and told daddy to take me to Ikea well actually not so much shopping but I was more tempted with Småland - a play room daddy calls it. Anyway Ikea wasn't the destination as it would be too crowded so instead mommy suggested 1 Utama (which was pack with people as well when we got there).

We left home around 1400hrs to have lunch at Lai Foong Beef Noodle at Taynton View which mommy think was better than Tangkak Beef Noodle @ Taman Maluri, anyway I enjoyed it as well since I finished a whole bowl myself and mommy needed to order another bowl for herself.

After lunch daddy drove to 1 Utama and the traffic wasn't what daddy expected, must be because of Chinese New Year which is just around the corner. Anyway daddy was so lucky to find a parking right next to the escalator. I got a new pair of Princess sunglasses and got to eat my favorite BBQ Plaza as well.

Just before we left, we bought a small pack of Garrett Popcorn... Yummy!

Lunch : Beef Ball Noodle @ Lai Foong
Dinner : BBQ Plaza

Some photos taken today

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Saturday 7 January 2012

Sam Ku Poh Off To Australia

Everyone in Ipoh was leaving today including Sam Ku Poh. I woke up fairly early this morning and watched Gulliver's Travel with daddy and wet out for lunch at McDonald's since I wanted a playground and coincidentally Yao En (hopefully I got her name spelled correctly my kindee mate) was having lunch too with her parent. I had so much fun at the playground with her. When we got home, grandpa arrived from Ipoh after daddy wanted the salted chicken from Woolley Food Court. Since we were going to meet up for dinner I followed Grandpa back with Granny, Sam Ku Poh and Toon!

Sam Ku Poh made me a paper puppet which I had lot of fun drawing it but unfortunately no one took any photo of it! Then at 1800hrs daddy and mommy came to pick up for dinner at Oldman Restaurant before Sam Ku Poh to airport for her flight to Melbourne. I am not going to say anything bad about this restaurant since it is Granny's favorite hang out place with her friends.

She should be over Indonesia now while I am typing this!

Lunch : 100% Beef Burger @ McDonald's
Dinner : Fried Noodle @ Oldman Restaurant (totally agree with the comments on this blog)

Today's Movie - Gulliver's Travel

Friday 6 January 2012

Last Day Of The First Week In School

Mommy sent me to school again today as daddy woke up sick. He stayed at home the whole day today and slept throughout the afternoon too! He slept more than I did. Did not even take my afternoon nap today since tomorrow I've got no school!

In the afternoon I was actually playing next to daddy while he was sleeping and I even fed daddy a Panadol since he was complaining a bad headache, must be due to the weather. It has been so hot the paste 3 days.

Mommy found some old photo of me with Great Granny, we took last year!

Lunch : Rice With Fried Eggs and Pork
Dinner : Turmeric Rice with Vegetable Tofu Soup

Thursday 5 January 2012

Second Day Of School

Its the second day of school! and daddy did not manage to wake up and send me to school so mommy did it by herself! Should have kick and woke daddy up :)

It was just another another day except that Aunty Aey wasn't around at home so the house were rather quiet. Daddy had gone out in the afternoon and only got back just before dinner. Took a quick afternoon nap but it was a very very hot day.

Lunch : Noodle
Dinner : Turmeric Chicken Rice (mommy's specialty)

No photo were taken today.

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Wednesday 4 January 2012

First Day Of School

Today is my first day in year 5 kindee! I am in 5N unfortunately not all my classmates are in the same class as there are 3 classes instead of 2 last year. I arrived at school at 0800 sharp since the school is starting at 0800hrs instead of 0830hrs. Not sure why are they starting the school so early since Year 1 are mainly in afternoon session. Anyway did not have much problem waking up since I slept early today. Then mommy and daddy came to pick me up at 1130hrs.

When we got back, Aunty Aey just woke up and starting to pack her bags since she will be going back to Bangkok today at 2130hrs. While I was sleeping in the afternoon, mommy and Aunty Aey went out to get some souvenirs for grandma and friends back in Thailand. We left for dinner around 1900hrs but only to realised we will not have enough time to get to the airport if we had dinner.

We arrived in the airport at 2015hrs just in time to check in but was caught off guard when Aunty Aey was told she was only able to check in 1 luggage instead of total weight. Fortunately we were able to check in the luggage after wrapping both item together.

Note that while purchasing the ticket Aunty Aey were not told that only 1 check in luggage was allowed! and it was also not stated on both e-ticket which was sent as well as the ticket emailed after daddy made a complain!, below is the e-ticket

As you can see it is not stated in the ticket which we are allowed only "1 check-in" luggage or the maximum weight but a link ( to the their website which none of us did check, our mistake and I wonder how many would actually click it. At the airport during check in, even the staff mention that normally it would be stated on the ticket and she was also looking for it as well! So daddy called and even wrote to Luthansa and the replied were the same, below is the correspondence with Lufthansa,

Dear Mr. Chow,

Thank you for your email.

Due to the reasons explained in the previous email, we are not able to show the baggage regulations of the booking on the ticket or during the booking process.

Instead, as you will find out in the confirmation, we have advised you to check the relevant information with below instruction:

Please take note of the current free baggage allowance
included in your ticket price and the applicable
hand baggage regulations prior to your departure.

You will be guided to the necessary information on our website by clicking the links.

Thank you for your kind understanding on this process.

Kind regards,

 Xiyong Xak
Customer Relations

Lufthansa German Airlines
Customer Relations Centre South East Asia & Pacific
PO Box 12717
A’Beckett Street
Melbourne VIC 8006

Fax:  (+61 3) 8623 6169
Email: (email has been deleted)

Sitz der Gesellschaft / Corporate Headquarters: Global Tele Sales Pty Limited, Melbourne, Registereintragung / Registration: A.C.N. 083508150
Board of Directors: Dr. Reinhold Huber, Uwe Mueller

From: Chow

Sent: Friday, 6 January 2012 2:04 PM
Subject: Re: Lufthansa 21473599

Dear Xiyong,

Thank you very much for your reply but it was not stated on the tickets I attached together on the email I sent earlier and I do not remember it being shown during booking and only to  find out that we were allowed 1 check-in luggage when we got to the airport. I think the information on the luggage should be shown on the ticket.

Please advice.



On Jan 6, 2012, at 7:48 AM, <> <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Xhow,

Thank you for contacting Lufthansa German Airlines Customer Relations.

We regret to learn that you had trouble whilst helping Ms. Xxxxxpakdeewong to check in the baggage for her Lufthansa flight.

We would like to take this opportunity to advise you regarding the free baggage allowance of Lufthansa.

The free baggage allowance may be different depending on the routing travelled, the airfare paid, the type of membership etc.
This is why we are unable to inform every passenger of each application.
Instead, we ask our customers to refer to our information on website for detailed and complete baggage information.
We would have wished that you kindly had called us or visited our website to follow the link (information & service > baggage > baggage guide) before you decided to pack the baggage.

The free baggage allowance for the passenger’s ticket (220-XXXX108506) was one piece of maximum 23kg of weight and within the total dimension of 158cm.
We hope this is of information.

We look forward to welcoming you or Ms. Xxxxxpakdeewong on board again soon, and assure you that we will do our utmost to ensure that the future flights proceed to your satisfaction.

Sincerely yours,

Xiyong Xak
Customer Relations

Lufthansa German Airlines
Customer Relations Centre South East Asia & Pacific
PO Box 12717
A’Beckett Street
Melbourne VIC 8006

Fax:  (+61 3) 8623 6169

Sitz der Gesellschaft / Corporate Headquarters: Global Tele Sales Pty Limited, Melbourne, Registereintragung / Registration: A.C.N. 083508150
Board of Directors: Dr. Reinhold Huber, Uwe Mueller

Anyway, Luthansa is still a better airline compare to Air Asia but there other other airlines which does this sector,
1) Royal Jordanian (mom tried and it was fantastic) - normally the cheapest and great service! except that you might need to pay at the airline office.
2) Egyptair (not tried since the fare were much higher)
* but check on luggage allowance here

After sending off Aunty Aey we drove back for dinner and call it a day since I had to go to school the following day!

Lunch : Prawn Noodle
Dinner : Fried Hokkien Noodle

Some photos taken today

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edited on Jan 7th, 2012

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Back Home

I woke up very early this morning again since we needed to arrive at the crematorium before 0900hrs to collect and place Great Granny's bones into the urn and we got to the place just in time for it, it started almost immediately when we got there. It was a very simple and quick ceremony but instead of using our hands, we used a chopstick provided to pick up the bones and place it inside the urn. After placing all the bones into the urn, the remaining ashes were spread into the Kinta River, just across the YMCA building.

Video taken today at the crematorium,

After spreading the ashes into the river, I went home with Grandma while daddy and mommy went to buy Kacang Puteh from Kampung Kacang Puteh @ Taman Pertama with Sei Kau Gong.

Location of the Kacang Puteh Stall @ Taman Kacang Puteh,

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I met up with Daddy and Mommy at the same restaurant we had yesterday night, Eipoh Restaurant at Pasir Pinji and almost the same dished we had yesterday.

We arrived back at home just before 1700hrs as planned by daddy to skip the rush hours.

Tomorrow will be my first day of year 5 kindergarten, Kinderkids Pre-School 1 @ Sungai Long Section 7.

Lunch : Eipoh Restaurant, Pasir Pinji
Dinner : Salted Chicken - RM16 per chicken (bought back from Woolley Food Court, Ipoh Gardan)

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - The Princess And The Frog

Monday 2 January 2012

Great Granny's Wake - Funeral

I woke up very early today so that I could pay my last respect to Great Granny. I arrived in Great Granny's house at 0830hrs and the ceremony started at 0915hrs and lasted for 45mins before we left the house for the crematorium at Kek Look Seah Crematorium Bercham Ipoh (怡保巴占极乐社西竺海会坛火化场).

We walked from the house to the main road before boarding bus for the crematorium. When we got to the crematorium, a last rite was held before Great Granny was pushed into the combustion chamber which Great Granny will be burned for 3 hours. The ceremony took about 30mins and I had to pray, respect, walk over fire, received a "hong pao" and washing my hands with flower water in the crematorium, then everyone went for lunch at Pusing Seafood Restaurant, a must try dish would be "Yam Fried Kai Lan" (it was unfortunately no photo was taken because when the dish was served, it did not not look good at all).

After lunch I went back to the hotel and slept until 1830hrs before headin for dinner and then drinks at Old Town White Coffee. Tomorrow I would need to wake up early again as we need to get to Kek Lok Seah to pick up the ashed and placing the urn in the columbarium.

The route I walk,

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The route to Kek Lok Seah,

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Lunch : Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh
Dinner : Eipoh Restaurant, Pasir Pinji, Ipoh

A video taken today,

Some photos taken today

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Today's Movie - Tron : Legacy