Saturday 7 January 2012

Sam Ku Poh Off To Australia

Everyone in Ipoh was leaving today including Sam Ku Poh. I woke up fairly early this morning and watched Gulliver's Travel with daddy and wet out for lunch at McDonald's since I wanted a playground and coincidentally Yao En (hopefully I got her name spelled correctly my kindee mate) was having lunch too with her parent. I had so much fun at the playground with her. When we got home, grandpa arrived from Ipoh after daddy wanted the salted chicken from Woolley Food Court. Since we were going to meet up for dinner I followed Grandpa back with Granny, Sam Ku Poh and Toon!

Sam Ku Poh made me a paper puppet which I had lot of fun drawing it but unfortunately no one took any photo of it! Then at 1800hrs daddy and mommy came to pick up for dinner at Oldman Restaurant before Sam Ku Poh to airport for her flight to Melbourne. I am not going to say anything bad about this restaurant since it is Granny's favorite hang out place with her friends.

She should be over Indonesia now while I am typing this!

Lunch : 100% Beef Burger @ McDonald's
Dinner : Fried Noodle @ Oldman Restaurant (totally agree with the comments on this blog)

Today's Movie - Gulliver's Travel

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