Monday 2 January 2012

Great Granny's Wake - Second Day

Today is the second day of Great Granny's wake but I woke up noon and I had to be at the house for prayer to seal the casket at 1500hrs sharp! Anyway we manage to get back home at 1430hrs after having lunch at Yat Yat Seng, which is famous for their roasted pork curry noodle, but a whole plate of steam chicken rice! which surprised mommy and daddy.

After a short ceremony of placing talisman with a god palm facing Great Granny's head and the casket was sealed exactly 1500hrs sharp! Then it started to rain heavily and the drain outside the house almost overflow onto the street.

After the rained stopped I went out with Tai Ku Poh, Yee Ku Poh and Aunty Cyn Cyn for dinner at Woolley before the evening prayer starts. Not long after we got back home from dinner, my cousin arrived from Kuala Lumpur and I had more people to play with since Uncle I-Hui has gone back to Singapore via Firefly.

I went home much earlier today with Tai Ku Poh since daddy was afraid that I might not be able to wake up tomorrow for the funeral.

Lunch : Chicken Rice @ Yat Yat Seng
Dinner : Beef Ball Noodle and Salted Chicken @ Woolley Ipoh Garden

Some photos taken today

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