Sunday 22 February 2009

Coming Back Home

After almost 10 days in Thailand, I am finally flying home today. It was a day in the hotel, had breakfast and mommy and daddy started packing since everyone was busy playing Wii last night. Since the hotel only allow us to use the room will 1400hrs we checked out just before 1400hrs for lunch at a nearby Korean Restaurant as mommy wanted since the day daddy bought the airticket. No one was actually in the restaurant when we entered and no customer when we left either. Anyway we were quite late since by the time we finished lunch it was already 1530hrs and our flight was scheduled to depart at 1510hrs. We manage to catch a cab and arrived in the airport just before 1630hrs.

Check-In was smooth except that the lady in the counter wasn't really friendly and did not give mommy the immigration card for her departure, anyway I was lucky since I was able to follow mommy to the Thai citizen lane, no waiting time!

By the time we pass the immigration, it was final call but luckily the gate was just around the corner and all the passenger has boarded the flight. Anyway the flight was delay due to some problem with the tarmac, the plane had to be towed further out into the taxing way before the plane could move on its one. We only took off from Suvarnabhumi around 1545hrs. I slept the throughout the flight until the plane was about to land when daddy started to buckle me, if not I would definitely would still be sleeping until the plane bump onto the ground.

Since granny and grandpa has gone for a dinner, daddy thought of taking a taxi home but grandpa said he could pick us up from the KLIA Transit Station at Putrajaya, but instead, grandpa got lost and we had to wait for grandpa for about an hour before he got to the station. By the time I got home it was already 2300hrs.

Lunch : Toufu, Pork and Beef BBQ @ Korean Restaurant Soi 11 Sukhumwit
Dinner : Biscuits and Milk

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Saturday 21 February 2009

Wii..... Wii.... Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii

When I woke up this morning mommy was still not back yet from Chatuchak with Aunty Aey. Mommy and Aunty left the hotel at 0600hrs by underground train to Chatuchak and only return to the hotel around 1030hrs. Then daddy call Uncle Chang if he wants to meet up since daddy had to go to Saphen Lek to buy the Wii console as it as very much cheaper in Bangkok compare to Kuala Lumpur. We waited for Uncle Chang to arrive in the hotel around noon and daddy drove to Bobae Tower since mommy wanted to see what other cloths Grand Aunty Muay had in her store. We arrived in Bobae Tower just before 1230hrs which was quite good in a bad traffic.

Daddy went out with Uncle Chang to Saphan Lek to get his console only to return just before 1630hrs as daddy needed to return the car before 1800hrs. I was in Baboe with mommy and Aunty Aey helping out Grand Aunty Muay as well as walking around to see anything interesting to buy. Mommy got me a Doreamon pyjamas for only THB150 and I fit in nicely. Mommy thinks Bobae isn't as good as Platinum as most of the design were quite normal and nothing special compare to Platinum, Pratunam or even Chatuchak. I had so much fun playing with my other Aunty Bua, Ping and Tong plus 2 other girls from the next shop.

Daddy got back from Saphan Lek with the Wii console and left again to return the car. I left with mommy and Aunty Aey around 1830hrs to meet up with daddy in the hotel before dinner in Sizzler at Siam Discovery with Aunty Muay and husband with Uncle Peh.

Daddy wanted to take me to visit the Aquarium in Paragon but we were already late for dinner and after dinner everyone came to our hotel instead. By the time I was asleep, everyone was still outside in the hall playing wii and having beers.

Lunch : Kuey Chap @ Bobae Tower
Dinner : Salad and Pork Chop @ Sizzler Restaurant

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Friday 20 February 2009

Dreaaammmmmm World!

Finally after months of mommy talking about this place, Dream World, me and daddy was able to see how does this theme park looks like! Daddy drove to picked up Aunty Aey and Aunty Meng near their University in Rangsit which was on the way to Pathum Thani. We arrived at Dream World just before 1200hrs. Mommy got our tickets and we were off into the dream land. Walking to the food court, mommy dropped one of the ticket and no replacement for it, so we could not play at the same time but only 3 at a time, anyway this was what we planned to do.

Daddy wanted to check out the 4D movie but unfortunately it was not open for public yet, so we went for lunch instead while Aunty Aey and Meng went for the Giant House. After lunch it was ride time, Hanging Roller Coaster, Super Splash, Grand Canyon, Super Splash and Haunted House. Since I was too short, I was unable to play any rides on my own. Maybe the next trip when I am there I would be able to go on the ride by myself.

By 1700hrs we had to leave Dream World since it they were closing, which daddy thinks it is too early for a theme park. Even mommy was ask to leave from a retail outlet, Naraya, inside the theme park, which was quite rude. Anyway, since daddy is all wet, we left and drove to Grand Aunty Muay house at Lad Ya, which wasn't too difficult to get there. We arrived a couple of minutes before Grand Auntie Muay arrived so the timing was perfect. We went for dinner in a seafood restaurant in Yaowarat, since mommy and Aunty Aey was craving for crabs. I had a great time with Uncle James whose is only 2 years older than I am actually!

We back to Grand Aunty Muay house after dinner before going back to the hotel. Tomorrow mommy will be going to Chatuchak in the morning and to Bobae Tower to meet Grand Aunty Muay again.

Lunch : Roast Pork Rice
Dinner : Fried Egg, Steam Fish and Fried Vegetable at Yaowarat

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Thursday 19 February 2009

Back To Bangkok!

We left Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat) in the morning for Outlet Village in Khao Yai before going to Chok Chai Farm. Since daddy has some problem getting his GPS signal, daddy had to relay on a simple city map before satellite signal could be establish. Daddy think the GPS does not work well inside a tinted car. Anyway daddy managed to established the signal after driving for a few minutes.

Along the way, daddy stopped at Wat Luang Phor Toh at Sikhiu. In the previous trip, daddy wanted to stopped over to visit but because daddy thought of visiting Ayutthaya so we skipped it but this time, daddy was determine to visit this highly revered Wat housing a famous monk in the Rattanakosin era, Luang Phor Tor. Unfortunately I slept in the car while daddy was driving there so I stayed in the car with Uncle Chang while daddy and mommy visited the complex.

(Luang Phor Toh Temple)

The next stop, Outlet Village, since daddy got some good bargain the last time he was there but this trip, nothing much seems interesting as the price wasn't very attractive. Mommy manage to get me a pillow from one of the shops for THB140. Some of the shops with retail outlet are, Lacoste, Nike, Adidas, Clarks, Quiksilver and Levi's. After spending about 45mins, we continued our journey to Chok Chai Farm since mommy made a reservation to visit the farm.

This time we had lunch at Chokchai Steakhut, since daddy had a bad experience the last time at Chokchai Steakhouse. But again, we are all disappointed with the serving for a specialty outlet. The steak which daddy ordered was dry and tasteless, the oxtail soup was quite unique and pork ball noodles for me was alright but cost 3 times the normal price outside. Overall I would not suggest anyone to dine at the restaurant here, but mommy likes the milk.

After lunch, we started the farm tour, which cost THB240 per adult which was quite interesting since I was able to "milked" the cow, yes physically! with mommy and I also manage to ride a pony on my own! Other attractions in this farm is horse riding, petting zoo and an animal show.

On the way back, we arrive at the outskirt of Bangkok around 1800hrs and mommy thought it would be easier to have dinner before we check into the hotel. We went to daddy's favourite seafood restaurant, Kungten, which is located at Talingchan, Bangkok. Maybe the next time if we had more people, we could book a private karaoke room instead!

After dinner, mommy met up with Aunty Tar and Uncle Kay with baby Caotang at the hotel, Citadines Soi 11. Don't she look adorable!.

Hope tomorrow I will be able to visit Dream World!
Lunch : Pork Ball Noodle @ Chokchai Steakhut
Dinner : Toufu with Pork Ball @ Kungten, Talingchan

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Wednesday 18 February 2009

Vat Phou Champasak

(Champasak Province paddy fields)

This road trip is turning into a Khmer ruins road trip, starting with Prasat Phanom Rung in Buriram, then accidentally daddy drove passed another ruin, supposedly the oldest in Thailand, Prasat Phompun, and today we are heading to Vat Phou in Champasak province, an UNESCO World Heritage site.

It was a crazy morning when daddy started asking around to rent a van since the tuk-tuk driver yesterday told us it was THB1200 for a return trip includes petrol, toll and ferry but this morning when we called him, the price has shot up to THB1800 which is ridiculous not including the transfer to Chong Mek border. Daddy manage to get a van from the hotel for THB1500 per day use excluding petrol (petrol - THB300).

The journey to the entrance of the temple took about an hour with about 30mins getting across the Mekong river, and driving pass a few villages along the way with unique guesthouses and colonial bungalows as well. This would have been a nice place to relax for a couple of nights.

(main temple of Vat Phou)

We arrived at the complex just before 1100hrs after sorting out the tickets and parking area. This original temple was built as early as 5th century but the current temple was build between the 11th and 13th centuries. The walkway to the temple are still very much intact, with some restoration work being done at the south palace. The temple is about 100m from the ground and part of the stairways are not in good condition so daddy decided to go up on his own since it would be dangerous to carry me on the back. Click here for more information about this temple.

We had lunch at a nameless restaurant, across from the Champasak Governor Office, just before we head back to the Thai border taking the new road. The food wasn't very good and the price was expensive as well. There are some guesthouse with restaurant overlooking the Mekong River as well, which might be better.

(tl : duck larb, tr : Tam Mak Hoong, bl : fried egg, br : mixed vegetable)

Since our driver suggested us to take the new road back to the Thai border and it look good when we passed it yesterday, it turn out to be a off-road ride, with temporary bridges, large holes and fill with dust. It was an interesting ride since it passes some villages and also a temple up in a hill. I was already sleeping by then. It was like sleeping in a bouncing bed. Anyway we got to the Laos Immigration just before 1600hrs, so we don't have to pay for the overtime charges. The border crossing was easy and smooth. We were in Laos for exactly 24hours.

After collecting the car, it was getting dark and daddy wanted to put up a night in Nakhon Ratchasima since it is only a couple of hours drive back to Bangkok. We took a detour to visit the bi-colour river at Khong Chiam but it was dissapointing since it was nothing much but an interesting place to relax as well, with nice guesthouses and some restaurant overlooking the Mekong River.

Daddy drove to Nakhon Ratchasima to sleep since daddy thought of visiting another Khmer temple 60km north of the city. It was a long drive, we arrived in Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat) at 2200hrs, it took almost 6 hours with a dinner break at PTT.

Lunch : Pork Ball Soup @ Champasak
Dinner : EzyGo Teriyaki Chicken @ PTT Buriram

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