Saturday 21 February 2009

Wii..... Wii.... Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii

When I woke up this morning mommy was still not back yet from Chatuchak with Aunty Aey. Mommy and Aunty left the hotel at 0600hrs by underground train to Chatuchak and only return to the hotel around 1030hrs. Then daddy call Uncle Chang if he wants to meet up since daddy had to go to Saphen Lek to buy the Wii console as it as very much cheaper in Bangkok compare to Kuala Lumpur. We waited for Uncle Chang to arrive in the hotel around noon and daddy drove to Bobae Tower since mommy wanted to see what other cloths Grand Aunty Muay had in her store. We arrived in Bobae Tower just before 1230hrs which was quite good in a bad traffic.

Daddy went out with Uncle Chang to Saphan Lek to get his console only to return just before 1630hrs as daddy needed to return the car before 1800hrs. I was in Baboe with mommy and Aunty Aey helping out Grand Aunty Muay as well as walking around to see anything interesting to buy. Mommy got me a Doreamon pyjamas for only THB150 and I fit in nicely. Mommy thinks Bobae isn't as good as Platinum as most of the design were quite normal and nothing special compare to Platinum, Pratunam or even Chatuchak. I had so much fun playing with my other Aunty Bua, Ping and Tong plus 2 other girls from the next shop.

Daddy got back from Saphan Lek with the Wii console and left again to return the car. I left with mommy and Aunty Aey around 1830hrs to meet up with daddy in the hotel before dinner in Sizzler at Siam Discovery with Aunty Muay and husband with Uncle Peh.

Daddy wanted to take me to visit the Aquarium in Paragon but we were already late for dinner and after dinner everyone came to our hotel instead. By the time I was asleep, everyone was still outside in the hall playing wii and having beers.

Lunch : Kuey Chap @ Bobae Tower
Dinner : Salad and Pork Chop @ Sizzler Restaurant

Some photos taken today

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