Thursday 12 February 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is Mommy birthday but unfortunately we could not take mommy out since daddy thought he had to pick up our maid, Toon, from the airport. Daddy got home early with a raspberry cheese cake from Secret Recipe for mommy, written on it, "Happy Birthday Mommy from Aeryn". We cut the cake after grandpa and granny got back from the airport.

Finally after daddy bought the ticket in October last year we will be flying to Bangkok tomorrow on free tickets offered by Malaysia Airlines. Today mommy has packed all my stuff into the same bag I used on my last trip.

I will be meeting my great granny tomorrow supposedly for a dinner in Kanchanaburi, if daddy do not get lost along the way there. See you in Kanchanaburi tomorrow.

After dinner, daddy took me and mommy out to get packets of Ipoh White Tea since Grand Uncle Tee is interested in selling it at his grocery shop at the Thai burmese border.

Lunch : Fried Carrot and Pumpkin Egg with Brown Rice
Dinner : Fried Carrot and Pumpkin Egg with Brown Rice

No photo were taken today.

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