Sunday 22 February 2009

Coming Back Home

After almost 10 days in Thailand, I am finally flying home today. It was a day in the hotel, had breakfast and mommy and daddy started packing since everyone was busy playing Wii last night. Since the hotel only allow us to use the room will 1400hrs we checked out just before 1400hrs for lunch at a nearby Korean Restaurant as mommy wanted since the day daddy bought the airticket. No one was actually in the restaurant when we entered and no customer when we left either. Anyway we were quite late since by the time we finished lunch it was already 1530hrs and our flight was scheduled to depart at 1510hrs. We manage to catch a cab and arrived in the airport just before 1630hrs.

Check-In was smooth except that the lady in the counter wasn't really friendly and did not give mommy the immigration card for her departure, anyway I was lucky since I was able to follow mommy to the Thai citizen lane, no waiting time!

By the time we pass the immigration, it was final call but luckily the gate was just around the corner and all the passenger has boarded the flight. Anyway the flight was delay due to some problem with the tarmac, the plane had to be towed further out into the taxing way before the plane could move on its one. We only took off from Suvarnabhumi around 1545hrs. I slept the throughout the flight until the plane was about to land when daddy started to buckle me, if not I would definitely would still be sleeping until the plane bump onto the ground.

Since granny and grandpa has gone for a dinner, daddy thought of taking a taxi home but grandpa said he could pick us up from the KLIA Transit Station at Putrajaya, but instead, grandpa got lost and we had to wait for grandpa for about an hour before he got to the station. By the time I got home it was already 2300hrs.

Lunch : Toufu, Pork and Beef BBQ @ Korean Restaurant Soi 11 Sukhumwit
Dinner : Biscuits and Milk

Some photos were taken today.

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