Friday 20 February 2009

Dreaaammmmmm World!

Finally after months of mommy talking about this place, Dream World, me and daddy was able to see how does this theme park looks like! Daddy drove to picked up Aunty Aey and Aunty Meng near their University in Rangsit which was on the way to Pathum Thani. We arrived at Dream World just before 1200hrs. Mommy got our tickets and we were off into the dream land. Walking to the food court, mommy dropped one of the ticket and no replacement for it, so we could not play at the same time but only 3 at a time, anyway this was what we planned to do.

Daddy wanted to check out the 4D movie but unfortunately it was not open for public yet, so we went for lunch instead while Aunty Aey and Meng went for the Giant House. After lunch it was ride time, Hanging Roller Coaster, Super Splash, Grand Canyon, Super Splash and Haunted House. Since I was too short, I was unable to play any rides on my own. Maybe the next trip when I am there I would be able to go on the ride by myself.

By 1700hrs we had to leave Dream World since it they were closing, which daddy thinks it is too early for a theme park. Even mommy was ask to leave from a retail outlet, Naraya, inside the theme park, which was quite rude. Anyway, since daddy is all wet, we left and drove to Grand Aunty Muay house at Lad Ya, which wasn't too difficult to get there. We arrived a couple of minutes before Grand Auntie Muay arrived so the timing was perfect. We went for dinner in a seafood restaurant in Yaowarat, since mommy and Aunty Aey was craving for crabs. I had a great time with Uncle James whose is only 2 years older than I am actually!

We back to Grand Aunty Muay house after dinner before going back to the hotel. Tomorrow mommy will be going to Chatuchak in the morning and to Bobae Tower to meet Grand Aunty Muay again.

Lunch : Roast Pork Rice
Dinner : Fried Egg, Steam Fish and Fried Vegetable at Yaowarat

Some photos taken today

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