Saturday 14 February 2009

Just Up North!

An exciting flight for me since I doubt I could remember all my previous flights. The plane was suppose to leave at 1515hrs from KLI Airport but instead it was delayed 30mins and the plane only arrived at 1635 instead. The flight here was alright with some turbulence and I had some pressure problem this time. Since I could tell mommy my ear was hurting!

Then the excitement starts, we got passed the immigration within minutes since we could go with mommy to the Thai citizen counter and no delay in our bags. When we got out at the arrival hall, the car rental person was no where to be found! and mommy gave everyone a heart attack when she discovered that her handbag was missing! She started running around everywhere and even the airport security rush to us and see if they could locate it using the cctv! Anyway mommy found her handbag left in the airport toilet and luckily the cleaner was around and lock the cubicle so others could not use it.

By the time we left the airport it was around 1845hrs, which was getting dark. The GPS work perfectly well and got us into Kanchanaburi without any problem and except daddy had to drive in the dark. Most of the way was brightly litted except for a short stretch in Kanchanaburi province which was without any street lamps. The roads were beautiful and no tolls as well. We arrived in great granny's home just before 2100hrs.

Since it was already late and I have yet to have my dinner we took a drive to the food street just across the house as daddy was too lazy to walk across, which was only about 3mins walk! Lazy daddy.

We only got back to Ploy Guesthouse around 2300hrs, after a long and exciting day!

Lunch : Steam Egg and Pumpking with White Rice
Dinner : Beef Ball Noodle @ Kanchanaburi

No photo were taken today

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