Sunday 15 February 2009

Safari In Kanchanaburi!

Daddy was going to leave today for Buriram but because I had so much fun with Aunty Peng and Uncle Khla, daddy thought it would be good for me to stay another day here and maybe visit the Safari Park in Bo Phloi as well.

We left great granny's shop around 1100hrs and drove towards Bo Phloi. Safari Parks locates about 30km from downtown Kanchanaburi. Daddy did not have high expectation for this place since it was quite awkward to have a safari park in this part of the country but it turn out pretty good since you can actually feed the animals from within the car and at the entrance I was able to take a photo with the tiger! It would have been better if it was with a lion. Some of the animals featured in this parks are tigers, a pair of lions, bison, malayan sun bear, antelopes, deers, giraffe, zebra, llama, camels and flamencos. The entrance fee is THB300 for adults and THB100 for children (for Thais are THB120 and THB70 respectively). For the price I think it is worth it if you have no where else to go already if you are already in Kanchanaburi. Forget about the restaurant and the shows. The place is totally rundown with little or zero maintenance.

After visiting the Safari Park, daddy took a drive to Bo Phloi town since there was nothing to eat in the park. One of the staff in the park actually suggested daddy to eat at Nin Restaurant, which was quite good if wasn't for the THB300 mushrooms which mommy ordered!

After lunch, mommy thought of visiting the Jewellery OTOP since this town is known for its gem stone mines. Since its famous for it and mommy could not resist it, mommy got some small sapphires and a blue topaz here which is quite reasonable I suppose.

Lunch : Mixed Vegetables, Mushrooms, Salted Fried Chicken with White Rice
Dinner : Fried Fish, Toufu Soup, Mix Vegetable, Steam Prawns with White Rice

Some photos taken today,
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