Thursday 19 February 2009

Back To Bangkok!

We left Nakhon Ratchasima (Khorat) in the morning for Outlet Village in Khao Yai before going to Chok Chai Farm. Since daddy has some problem getting his GPS signal, daddy had to relay on a simple city map before satellite signal could be establish. Daddy think the GPS does not work well inside a tinted car. Anyway daddy managed to established the signal after driving for a few minutes.

Along the way, daddy stopped at Wat Luang Phor Toh at Sikhiu. In the previous trip, daddy wanted to stopped over to visit but because daddy thought of visiting Ayutthaya so we skipped it but this time, daddy was determine to visit this highly revered Wat housing a famous monk in the Rattanakosin era, Luang Phor Tor. Unfortunately I slept in the car while daddy was driving there so I stayed in the car with Uncle Chang while daddy and mommy visited the complex.

(Luang Phor Toh Temple)

The next stop, Outlet Village, since daddy got some good bargain the last time he was there but this trip, nothing much seems interesting as the price wasn't very attractive. Mommy manage to get me a pillow from one of the shops for THB140. Some of the shops with retail outlet are, Lacoste, Nike, Adidas, Clarks, Quiksilver and Levi's. After spending about 45mins, we continued our journey to Chok Chai Farm since mommy made a reservation to visit the farm.

This time we had lunch at Chokchai Steakhut, since daddy had a bad experience the last time at Chokchai Steakhouse. But again, we are all disappointed with the serving for a specialty outlet. The steak which daddy ordered was dry and tasteless, the oxtail soup was quite unique and pork ball noodles for me was alright but cost 3 times the normal price outside. Overall I would not suggest anyone to dine at the restaurant here, but mommy likes the milk.

After lunch, we started the farm tour, which cost THB240 per adult which was quite interesting since I was able to "milked" the cow, yes physically! with mommy and I also manage to ride a pony on my own! Other attractions in this farm is horse riding, petting zoo and an animal show.

On the way back, we arrive at the outskirt of Bangkok around 1800hrs and mommy thought it would be easier to have dinner before we check into the hotel. We went to daddy's favourite seafood restaurant, Kungten, which is located at Talingchan, Bangkok. Maybe the next time if we had more people, we could book a private karaoke room instead!

After dinner, mommy met up with Aunty Tar and Uncle Kay with baby Caotang at the hotel, Citadines Soi 11. Don't she look adorable!.

Hope tomorrow I will be able to visit Dream World!
Lunch : Pork Ball Noodle @ Chokchai Steakhut
Dinner : Toufu with Pork Ball @ Kungten, Talingchan

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