Sunday 30 November 2008

Phones And Shoes

This morning, just as daddy woke up, Toon knock the door and inform daddy that she forgot to take out the phone before washing! So daddy's phone was inside the spinning washing machine with water for 2 hours before Toon notice it was a phone at the bottom of the washing machine. The phone could not be turn on, but later it daddy could turn it on but the number pad were not functioning properly, numbers were not in the correct position. This is when daddy knew there must have been some problem with the phone and decided it was time to get a new phone.

Then daddy suggested to mommy that we should go the zoo first then to Low Yat and shop for a new phone since daddy wanted to get another phone for mommy which has 3G as well.

We arrived at the zoo around 1230hrs but could not get into the parking since it was full because of school holiday and it was Sunday as well, so daddy decided to drive to Low Yat instead since daddy and mommy was already hungry then. We arrived in Low Yat around 1330hrs which was also full of people, had our lunch and daddy started hunting for his new phone. Finally got 2 phones
1) Nokia 5320
2) Nokia 6600 (slide)

After daddy and mommy got their brand new phone, we then drove to Mid Valley instead since there was nothing here which interest me, phones, computer, PC and so on! I need toys..... so daddy drove to Mid Valley since it was on the way back home. Since it was sales period and daddy needed to get a new pair of shoe, daddy went to Camper to see if they were on sale and they were. Daddy got 2 pairs
1) Locus (Black Suede) more than 50% discount
2) Peu Cami (Black) 30% discount
and Mommy got a pair of Peu (30% discount).

Daddy wantes to get another pair but unfortunately there were no more size. Wonder why did they bring in Camper kids into Malaysia!

Lunch : Steam Egg with Rice plus Wonton @ Causeway Bay
Dinner : Clayport Seafood Toufu with Steam Rice @ C Jade Express

No photo were taken today

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Saturday 29 November 2008

A Week Later!

It's been a week since my last post from Hat Yai, and many things has happen throughout this whole week, a terrorist attack in Mumbai and PAD (People's Alliance for Democracy or also known as National Liberation Alliance) going rampage and taking over both main Thailand's international gateway, Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Don Muang International Airport. Anyway I will not go into that yet.

I arrived back home in Malaysia last Tuesday night after 8 hours and a great dinner in Bukit Tambun. The drive back was fine since I slept throughout the way from the Hat Yai Town to the border, and again from the border to Bukit Tambun and then after dinner all the way back home.

The dinner at Ghee Seng Seafood Restaurant in Bukit Tambun, we had 6 dishes but only cost RM49.80
1) Fried Spicy Prawns (Kam Heong Prawns)
2) Atlantic Jackknife Clam (Bamboo Shell Clams) with Ginger and Onions
3) Fried Brussel Sprout
4) Steam Soft Shell Clam with Ginger and Chilli Padi
5) Claypot Toufu (specially for me)
6) Fried Rice

Mommy will definitely insist to stop here again for dinner the next time when we drive back from Hat Yai, instead of stopping at Lye Huat Food Court (location).

As we were driving back home, Suvarnabhumi International Airport overtaken by the anti-government yellow clad supporters for over 96hours now. So far over 100,000 passengers has been affected from this "unreasonable" act. I hope everything will be back to normal and flight will resume before my trip to Bangkok in Feb 2009.

Then on Wednesday a day after I got back, Mumbai City (Bombay) was hit with multiple simultaneous attack in at least 6 locations killing more than 150 innocent victims. Locations are,
1) Taj Mahal Hotel
2) Leopold Cafe
3) Mumbai Chabad House (Nariman House)
4) Oberoi Trident Hotel
5) Cama Hospital
6) Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

I went swimming in the afternoon today but wasn't very fun because the arm float did not have enough air and I kept sinking below my mouth. I cried most of the time and hang on to daddy, did not try to move on my own. After swimming mommy suggested to daddy to go to Mid Valley since mommy needed to buy a bottle cleaner and water bottle since I broke one of my drinking bottle.

During dinner mommy and daddy had pasta at Pasta Zanmai, which is the same owner as Sushi Zanmai located at The Gardens, but the pasta isn't as good as the pasta I had couple of weeks ago at Pasta de Gohan in Sunway Pyramid.

Lunch : Wan Ton Noodle with Roast Pork
Dinner : Pumpkin Porridge @ Pasta Zan Mai

Some photos taken today,

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Saturday 22 November 2008

Food Day!

A gloomy and wet day in Hat Yai. I started raining early this morning and raining on and off the whole day. But I had a great time tasting new dishes today, starting from morning (breakfast)

1) Khao Moo Krob (Crispy Roast Pork Rice or Siew Yook Fan in cantonese)
2) Kuey Tiew Pheak (Duck Herb Noodle)
3) Yenta For (Sweet Red Sauce Noodle)
4) Pork and Pork Intestine Satay
5) Kai Tod (Fried Chicken - Wings)
6) Pork Ball
Note : all link to the location are from wikimapia and the location are at the cross (center)

I even had some sausages when daddy was having his hair cut, 150bt (Wash, Cut and Rinse)

Daddy got a new DTAC pre-paid sim card (49bt) to access the internet. Currently as daddy understand, there isn't any 3G provider in Thailand and EDGE is currently the best. The rate for DTAC are as follows,
1) 10kb - 10satang
2) 1 Day Unlimited - 39bt
3) 7 Day Unlimited - 240+bt (if not mistaken)
Connection : dial - *99# (no username and password) / sim activation needed.

Speedtest on DTAC EDGE connection at Hat Yai (location),

Tomorrow will be Auntie Muay's wedding at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel and mommy is 1/8 ready for it. Mommy got her fingernails painted today at Greenway Shopping for only 39bt. The dinner will be located on the 10th floor of the hotel, Lobby Coffee Area with a great view of the Hat Yai city.

I wish daddy had brought the camera with him so I could show where and what I did.

Lunch : See above
Dinner : See above

No photos taken today

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Friday 21 November 2008

Daddy Arrived Today

Daddy arrived in Hat Yai today for Sunday's Auntie Muay's wedding, but as usual daddy forgot about the camera, so there will not be any photos in this trip. The traffic driving through the Malaysian CIQ was heavy, not sure why didn't the immigration do some change to the CIQ complex to reduce the waiting time.'

Daddy met up with me and mommy friend, Auntie Kwan's, cafe opposite Genting Hotel. I had some fried sausages, but they have good Fried Pork with Basil Leaves (Prad Kra Pao Moo), Dry Tomyum (Tom Yum Heng) and Lemon Sauce Pork (Manao Moo).

Lunch :
Dinner :

No photos taken today.

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Saturday 15 November 2008

Arriving in Hat Yai

I arrive in Hat Yai this morning in time and no delay in both immigration except mommy was surprise that we need to take the bags down at the Thai CIQ complex. Previously, mommy need not bring any bags except for the passport. Anyway this is the proper procedure but a nuisance since the Thai CIQ at the Danok (Sadao CIQ) was build with a proper planning. Anyway, will just have to leave with it since the Thai governmnet doesn't seem to care about it.

The bus arrive in Hat Yai at around 0730hrs at the bus agency in Hat Yai, which is owned by mommy best friend in school, Tor. But daddy doesn't really like this bus since it has never been puncture at departure time.

In the afternoon, mommy took me to Robinson to shop for some stuff since I needed a new potty. Mommy is trying to let me stay around at home without wearing any diapers and so far today has been great. Manage to tell mommy almost everytime I needed to go the toilet. I will be staying around at home until next weekend when daddy coming over to join us for Auntie Muay's wedding.

No photos will be taken for the next few days since mommy did not bring along the camera.

Lunch : Pork Porridge
Dinner : Fried Egg and Vegetable with Steam Rice

No photo were taken today.

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Friday 14 November 2008

Bus Ride To Hat Yai

I took a bus to Hat Yai today with mommy and granny. Yesterday night granny took a train from Kanchanaburi back to Hat Yai before taking another bus from Hat Yai to Kuala Lumpur. Granny arrived around 1930hrs in the evening before meeting up with me and mommy in the bus booth before boarding the bus "Best Boon" at 2230hrs. The bus was supposed to depart at 2200hrs but did not leave the "so call" station at 2300hrs. Anyway it was a very new bus, supposingly only 10 days old. Anyway I should arrive in Hat Yai travel agency by 0700hrs (0800hrs MST) tomorrow morning.

The bus fare was only RM50.00 so daddy told mommy to buy me a separate seat since it will be a long journey so I could sleep better in the bus. I hope it will be a safe journey and arrive in Hat Yai on time as well.

Anyway, currently State Railway of Thailand are offering free seat for all destination in the 3rd class carriages (without air condition), but granny is unsure when is this offer until. It could be just for the next three days inconjunction with Princess Galyani Vadhana funeral on the 15th and 16th but I am not if this is available to tourist or foreigner.

Lunch : Fried Vegetable and Egg with Steam Rice
Dinner : Steam Pomfret and Vegetable Soup with Stream Rice

No photo were taken today.

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Thursday 13 November 2008

Yeh Yeh Birthday

Today is Grandpa's 63rd Birthday. Daddy initially thought of having dinner in Kuala Lumpur since grandpa has always wanted to try the buffet in Cititel Hotel as they normally would have promotion such as pay 2 adults free 2 adults. But because the promotion only going to start tomorrow grandpa thought it would be cheaper to have dinner in Kajang instead.

Daddy got back around 1930hrs to pick me, mommy, grandpa and granny up for dinner in Xi Lai Ton, suggested by grandpa. It was good since I would be able to have some of the dishes as well.

Daddy got a GPRS or HSDPA mobile modem so when streamyx is down, daddy would still be able to connect to the internet. Daddy is trying out Celcom and the coverage in Kajang and Taman Shamelin area isn't that good, not as how it was advertise. Daddy would need to do more tries before deciding to stick with Celcom or change to another provider. Daddy has only been able to get around 200-300kbs instead of 1MB as advertise not to mention 3.6mb.

Tomorrow mommy will take me to Hat Yai by bus, my first bus ride into Hat Yai from Kuala Lumpur. Hope the journey would not be too difficult.
Lunch : Fried Egg and Vegetable with Steam Rice
Dinner : Fried Prawns and Vegetable with Stream Rice

Some photos taken today

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Wednesday 12 November 2008

Loy Krathong

It's Loy Krathong (ลอยกระทง) today! which is also known as the "Festival Of Lights" similar to the hindu Deepavali festival, Loy Krathong is celebrated on the 12 days of the 12 month in the Thai Calender, which falls on Nov 12 every year. It was believe that this celebration originated from Sukhotai, the first capital of Thailand around 700 years ago.

Daddy got home early today after meeting and thought it would be nice to see how is this festival being celebrated here, unfortunately both thai temple we visited today wasn't celebrating it. The Thai temple at Taman Cheras as well as Chetawan Temple along Jalan Gasing.

Click below play button for Loy Krathong song (a classic),

Tomorrow will be grandpa's birthday and we will be going out to have birthday dinner with grandpa but I am not sure where we will be going yet. Will see what happen tomorrow, anyway mommy need to go to Metrojaya to get something since mommy got a RM50.00 voucher.

Lunch : Streamed Pomfret and Vegetable Soup with Steamed Rice
Dinner : Fried Vegetable Egg with Steamed Rice

No photo were taken today.

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Tuesday 11 November 2008

Happy Aniversary!

Today is mommy and daddy's anniversary.

When daddy woke up this morning he suggested to mommy to drive to Secret Recipe in Alamanda to get the cake promotion, buy 1 free 1, which will start at 1100hrs. When we got to the queue there were already about 100 people in line waiting. After waiting for about 15mins, suddenly Secret Recipe staff told everyone to move back to the entrance of the shop and there wasn't a queue anymore. Daddy stand around for about a couple of minutes until he thought what is the point of waiting like a 'beggar' for a cake. We left immediately after that and walked around since daddy thought, a new queue will start again soon since people started shouting and complaining, but when we returned there wasn't any queue so daddy decided to go home instead. This event was so badly organize, I wonder if the rest of the outlets had the same faith!

After we got home, daddy drove to office before coming back home to pick me and mommy up for dinner. We went to Jogoya for dinner since mommy wanted to have the dinner there instead. Daddy tried to call to make reservation but no one answered the phone so daddy thought there will not be many people since the last time daddy and mommy were there, no many people were actually patronizing it. They even had a maximum of 2 hours per visit, which mean, you can only eat for 2 hours! Which means, they are asking you to stuff yourself in 2 hours. Currently they are having a 50% discount for ladies and senior citizen (with terms and conditions applies). Daddy would rate this place

8 out of 10 for food (loads of varieties with unlimited fresh coconuts)
6 out of 10 for service (lots of staff but most of them doesn't speak any english or malay)
2 out of 10 for value (because of the time limitation)
5 out of 10 overall

Daddy wanted to take some photo of the food but the table was too small and the food was all over the place. It would look and taste much better without the photos.
After dinner, daddy took me and mommy to meet up with daddy's old colleague (Uncle Chang, Uncle Leslie and Uncle Will) for a while at Bangkok Jam@BB Park.

Lunch : Fried Vegetable and Egg with Steamed Rice
Dinner : Steam Garoupa and Asparagus in Jogoya.

Some photos taken today

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Monday 10 November 2008


Today I manage to tell mommy everytime I wanted to pee, but when granny got back, I failed and pee'ed on my training pants. Anyway mommy was very proud since I could actually control my bowels and tell either mommy or toon when I needed to go to the toilet.

In the evening, Ser Kai came over to play with me but only for about an hour since Ser Kai's mommy had to go out to get something. Tomorrow granny told daddy that Secret Recipe is going to giveaway 1 free cake for every cake purchase at 1100hrs in Alamanda. Daddy is going to try his luck since it will be daddy and mommy's anniversary and grandpa's birthday is just around the corner as well.

Click the play button to listen to my current favourite Barney Song,

Wonder where is daddy going to take mommy out for dinner?

Lunch : Steam Pomfret with Stream Rice
Dinner : Fried Broccoli and Minced Pork with Stream Rice

No photo were taken today.

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Sunday 9 November 2008

Shopping Again!

Today I went out shopping again, this time to Mid Valley since daddy wanted to have Nasi Lemak at Madam Kwan's. We left home late in the evening and only manage to walk around Mid Valley for a couple of hours before going home. Initially daddy thought of going to the club to swim again but I slept for more than 3 hours today, only waking up around 1700hrs and mommy did not prepare anything yet so daddy decided to skip swimming and go and walk around instead.

I had a wonderful time running around the complex since Toon came with us today so daddy and mommy had more time to walk around. Mommy also took me to Jusco Kiddy Area to ride the Merry-Go-Round, my favourite ride.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret and Vegetable Soup with Steam Rice
Dinner : Stir Fried Minced Pork and Broccoli with Steam Rice

No photo were taken today

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Saturday 8 November 2008

Exciting Day

It was an exciting day when daddy and mommy took me out for a swim in the club. Today I manage to try a proper inflatable armband by Floaties. This is a much better product than the one daddy bought from Jusco earlier by Ogival. The different between the 2 are,
Pro (Floaties)
- Floaties size is better for age 2 and below allowing arm movements.
- Floaties are properly balance once it is inflated.
- Floaties fitting is right for baby arms since there is a small piece of plastic which is not inflated.
Con (Floaties)
- Because Floaties size is smaller than Ogival, the baby mouth might be touching the water all the time.

After swimming daddy decided to drive to Sunway Pyramid, since the new wing was recently opened. This complex is so huge that you need a whole day to cover the whole complex if this is your first time there. The varieties of shops are much better than before with loads of restaurants as well. I had my dinner in Wendy's since daddy wanted to have the chilis before daddy and mommy had theirs in Pasta de Gohan. There is a great varieties in their menu with both daddy's favourite, Vongole and Squid Ink. I had a special kid menu set, Carbonara with Beef Bacon.

Daddy is very impress with the complex's parking system, it actually detect each lot if it is taken or vacant. Definately a new complex to visit in Klang Valley.

Lunch : Steam Pomfret and Vegetable Soup with Steam Rice
Dinner : Fried Broccoli Minced Pork with Steam Rice

Video taken today,