Tuesday 11 November 2008

Happy Aniversary!

Today is mommy and daddy's anniversary.

When daddy woke up this morning he suggested to mommy to drive to Secret Recipe in Alamanda to get the cake promotion, buy 1 free 1, which will start at 1100hrs. When we got to the queue there were already about 100 people in line waiting. After waiting for about 15mins, suddenly Secret Recipe staff told everyone to move back to the entrance of the shop and there wasn't a queue anymore. Daddy stand around for about a couple of minutes until he thought what is the point of waiting like a 'beggar' for a cake. We left immediately after that and walked around since daddy thought, a new queue will start again soon since people started shouting and complaining, but when we returned there wasn't any queue so daddy decided to go home instead. This event was so badly organize, I wonder if the rest of the outlets had the same faith!

After we got home, daddy drove to office before coming back home to pick me and mommy up for dinner. We went to Jogoya for dinner since mommy wanted to have the dinner there instead. Daddy tried to call to make reservation but no one answered the phone so daddy thought there will not be many people since the last time daddy and mommy were there, no many people were actually patronizing it. They even had a maximum of 2 hours per visit, which mean, you can only eat for 2 hours! Which means, they are asking you to stuff yourself in 2 hours. Currently they are having a 50% discount for ladies and senior citizen (with terms and conditions applies). Daddy would rate this place

8 out of 10 for food (loads of varieties with unlimited fresh coconuts)
6 out of 10 for service (lots of staff but most of them doesn't speak any english or malay)
2 out of 10 for value (because of the time limitation)
5 out of 10 overall

Daddy wanted to take some photo of the food but the table was too small and the food was all over the place. It would look and taste much better without the photos.
After dinner, daddy took me and mommy to meet up with daddy's old colleague (Uncle Chang, Uncle Leslie and Uncle Will) for a while at Bangkok Jam@BB Park.

Lunch : Fried Vegetable and Egg with Steamed Rice
Dinner : Steam Garoupa and Asparagus in Jogoya.

Some photos taken today

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Unknown said...

The queu was equally long in Taipan and the stretched to about 30m long just before 11 am. I queued for 2 hours to get my cake!