Saturday 22 November 2008

Food Day!

A gloomy and wet day in Hat Yai. I started raining early this morning and raining on and off the whole day. But I had a great time tasting new dishes today, starting from morning (breakfast)

1) Khao Moo Krob (Crispy Roast Pork Rice or Siew Yook Fan in cantonese)
2) Kuey Tiew Pheak (Duck Herb Noodle)
3) Yenta For (Sweet Red Sauce Noodle)
4) Pork and Pork Intestine Satay
5) Kai Tod (Fried Chicken - Wings)
6) Pork Ball
Note : all link to the location are from wikimapia and the location are at the cross (center)

I even had some sausages when daddy was having his hair cut, 150bt (Wash, Cut and Rinse)

Daddy got a new DTAC pre-paid sim card (49bt) to access the internet. Currently as daddy understand, there isn't any 3G provider in Thailand and EDGE is currently the best. The rate for DTAC are as follows,
1) 10kb - 10satang
2) 1 Day Unlimited - 39bt
3) 7 Day Unlimited - 240+bt (if not mistaken)
Connection : dial - *99# (no username and password) / sim activation needed.

Speedtest on DTAC EDGE connection at Hat Yai (location),

Tomorrow will be Auntie Muay's wedding at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel and mommy is 1/8 ready for it. Mommy got her fingernails painted today at Greenway Shopping for only 39bt. The dinner will be located on the 10th floor of the hotel, Lobby Coffee Area with a great view of the Hat Yai city.

I wish daddy had brought the camera with him so I could show where and what I did.

Lunch : See above
Dinner : See above

No photos taken today

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